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Issue #12: April 19, 2010

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No table of contents which means you have to read the entire issue to find out everything that's happening. :-)


A Note from Erik

Welcome to the latest edition of The Passing Parade, the aperiodical newsletter from Think Tank Media. Previous readers will notice that the newsletter has a new look in this issue, and we've extended the facelift to our web site,, also known as "The Tank". We also have a new release, Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective. More on that below. And in celebration of the new release and the new look, we've reduced prices on just about every title in our web store. Single CDs from our back catalog are now $8.99, and double CDs and DVDs are $11.99. Imports are a bit more of course, but their prices have been lowered as well where possible. We are also pleased to announce our new relationship with ReverbNation who will be providing premium quality mp3 downloads of all our titles as well as FREE bonus tracks for you folks on our emailing list (more on that below, too). We have the complete Erik Norlander catalog available now on ReverbNation, and the Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists titles will be available soon. And our titles of course remain available on iTunes and other major digital download sites. Happy listening!

Best wishes, 
Erik Norlander
El Dorado Hills, California, April 2010

Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective album cover

(TTMD-1054) Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective
2010 USA CD:  $11.99  Buy Now
Download the best quality 320k mp3s for $9.99 on ReverbNation (indiv. tracks available)

New Release! Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective

New audiophile multimedia studio recordings reinterpret the keyboard wizard's best instrumental compositions

In the spirit of his much acclaimed ROCKET SCIENTISTS - LOOKING BACKWARD multimedia box set comes a new CD releases from symphonic rock keyboard master, Erik Norlander. THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE is a brand new take on the best of Erik’s vast instrumental compositions written for Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane and his own solo albums over the years. Recorded on an amazing arsenal of classic analog synthesizers (including 6 Moog instruments), Hammond organ and an incredible Steinway model B grand piano at Cleveland Ohio’s prestigious Magnetic North Studio with engineer Chris Keffer and executive producer Dena Henry along with bassist Mark Matthews, drummer Nick LePar and choral vocal sections by Lana Lane and John Payne along with a suite of guest guitarists including John Payne, Mitch Perry, Mark McCrite, Ron Redfield and Freddy DeMarco, Liner notes by Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of The Bob Moog Foundation. THE GALACTIC COLLECTIVE is a must have for all fans of keyboard - oriented instrumental progressive rock. 10 audiophile tracks including the epic 20-minute suite, "The Dark Water". Total Running Time - 79:02. Listen to the music and 
view photos.

DOWNLOAD FREE BONUS TRACKS. No purchase required. Just enter your email address on Erik's page at ReverbNation to receive download links to several FREE bonus tracks. Currently there are 5 available: "Garden of the Moon - Long Version", from The Galactic Collective, and then 4 tracks from Live in St. Petersburg that appear on the DVD but not on the included CD (due to space limitations of the CD medium). Note that you will not receive any additional email -- only thelight pestering of this same newsletter, The Passing Parade, which is published just a few times per year.

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Erik Norlander in concert for The Bob Moog Foundation

On May 27, 2010, Erik will play a special concert at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC in celebration of the Moog legacy as part of a fundraiser for The Bob Moog Foundation. Erik plans to play his new album, The Galactic Collective, in its entirety along with some other favorites. Erik will be joined by a gathering of prominent local Asheville musicians for the concert, and the ensemble will explore some new and innovative arrangements of Erik's songs along with his famous Wall of Doom analog modular Moog synthesizer which shall be making the cross country journey from California to North Carolina especially for this event. More special announcements for this event to come from
The Bob Moog Foundation.

Think Tank Media brain image

New look at The Tank

Please stop by to see our little remodeling project. In addition to the new navigation system and home page design, we've also started to upgrade the pages for each individual album with more content. To start, there's now a music player courtesy of our friends at ReverbNation that plays each song on the album in its entirety at 320 kbps quality -- for those counting, that's as good as it gets with the mp3 format. We've also added photos to the album pages, both from the CD booklet and from other sources. Some of the photos have not been previously released. YouTube videos have also been embedded in the pages, and you can also read our liner notes, review excerpts and other interesting text for each album. So far we've upgraded the album pages for Erik Norlander with the new content. We will be upgrading the Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists pages over the next couple of months.

Sale! Sale! Sale! Also note the new pricing for our back catalog titles:
Single CDs are $8.99, double CDs and DVDs are $11.99. Imports excluded.

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On the Web

Below is a list of just some of the places to find Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists info on the Internet.

Think Tank Media official web site:

Erik Norlander official web site:

Lana Lane official web site:

Erik Norlander Facebook page:

Erik and Lana's MySpace page:

Erik and Lana's YouTube channel:

Rocket Scientists MySpace page:

Rocket Scientists YouTube channel:

The Asia featuring John Payne MySpace page is located at

The Asia featuring John Payne web site is located at


CD / DVD Availability

You can order Erik's The Galactic Collective, Hommage Symphonique and his Live in St. Petersburg DVD,  Lana's Best of Lana Lane 2000-2008, Red Planet Boulevard and Gemini CDs, 10th Anniversary Concert DVD and the Rocket Scientists Revolution Road CD and Looking Backward box set and all of their available back catalog at Most titles are also available at International secure ordering and shipping.

In Europe, Think Tank Media titles are distributed by Bertus (Benelux) and Musea (France) and sold through Empire Music and Just For Kicks Music in Germany along with many other fine companies throughout Europe. Select Lana Lane titles are released on the Frontiers and Limb Music Products / Diversity Media labels in Italy and Germany respectively. 

In Japan, Think Tank Media titles are nationally released by Marquee, Inc. on their Avalon and Belle Antique labels

All CDs are also available for sale at shows so be sure to support independent music and purchase CDs for yourself and all your friends and family! Music is the gift that keeps on giving.


Where to download

Think Tank Media recommends ReverbNationfor your primary digital download source. We have uploaded the best quality 320 kbps mp3 tracks for Erik's entire catalog, and the Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists catalogs will be available there soon. You can also legally download the songs and albums of Lana, Erik and Rocket Scientists on the Apple iTunes, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody and Music Match services. Please avoid peer-to-peer file sharing services that violate international copyright law.


See you next time.

Thanks so much for reading The Passing Parade. We appreciate your continued support. If you have any feedback,  please email us at We always enjoy hearing from you. Remember to tell all your friends about the Erik Norlander / Lana Lane / Rocket Scientists newsletter and their music! Please invite them to join this mailing list.

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