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Issue #8: June 25, 2008

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Welcome to our latest issue of The Passing Parade, our aperiodical newsletter covering the activities of our Think Tank Media artists. First, we are planning some changes for our Think Tank Media online web store, and we need to clear out some stock on a few titles. Through the month of July (2008), we are offering steep discounts on these titles -- more on that below. If you need any of these titles to complete your Lana Lane and Erik Norlander collection, NOW is the time! On another commercial note, we also found some more size XL Rocket Scientists t-shirts for the Looking Backward bundle, so those are available again while they last. Next, we have some very exciting gigs coming up. June 27th will bring Rocket Scientists to the Bay Area Rock Fest in San Francisco, California, and then two days later on June 29th we'll be in Clinton, New York for The Power of Prog Festival. Lana Lane will join Mark, Don and myself along with guest guitarist Jim Williams and guest drummer Jay Schellen. Jay of course is the drummer in ASIA featuring John Payne and also GPS [he's the S :-)]. I had a great time filling in as the guest keyboardist for GPS at ROSFest in May, so I hope Jay will enjoy these gigs with Rocket Scientists -- he sounds fabulous in rehearsal and has really nailed the material. I like this whole "trading players" style we're cultivating. And our friend Chris Quirarte will be back in the Rocket Scientists drum chair for August shows. Speaking of ASIA featuring John Payne, almost immediately after returning from the Rocket Scientists shows, we have two ASIA featuring John Payne shows on July 4th and 5th. The July 4th show is a USO event at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, and the July 5th show is a festival in Dayton, Ohio. Yes, we'll be taking the red eye to make that last show! The ASIA featuring John Payne show in Scranton, Pennsylvania went very well, and I got to meet some nice folks out there. I'm looking forward to returning to PA soon.

Best wishes, 
Erik Norlander
El Dorado Hills, California, June 2008



We are planning some changes to the Think Tank Media web store, and we need to move some extra stock on a few titles. The following CDs will be steeply discounted until the end of July 2008 or until stock runs out:


TMD-031 Lana Lane - Covers Collection (European version - out of print DIGIPAK edition - available while supply lasts) - US $9.99

HEL-278 Lana Lane - Project Shangri-La (Brazilian version, identical to Japanese version) - US $6.99

QCD-0465 Erik Norlander - Seas of Orion (European version) - US $9.99

TTMD-1039 Erik Norlander - Stars Rain Down (US version) - US $9.99

HEL-742 Erik Norlander - Into the Sunset (Brazilian version, identical to out-of-print European version) - US $6.99

TM-038 Lana Lane and Erik Norlander European Tour 2003 Souvenir CD (European version) - US $4.99

Please visit the web store at



• CONCERTS: Rocket Scientists have three additional concerts over the next few months with more concerts still in the planning stages.

Confirmed dates are:

June 27, 2008          Bay Area Rock Fest               San Francisco, CA

June 29, 2008          Power of Prog Festival          Clinton, NY

August 24, 2008        3 Rivers Prog Fest               Pittsburgh, PA  

Band lineup:

Mark McCrite - vocals, guitars
Erik Norlander - keyboards
Don Schiff - N/S Stick, bass
Jim Williams - guitars
Jay Schellen - drums (June dates)
Chris Quirarte - drums (August dates)

Special Guest: Lana Lane - vocals


Don Schiff appears live with Rocket Scientists with the gracious support of Stick Enterprises.

ABOUT STICK ENTERPRISES:  This California Stick manufacturing and marketing corporation was founded by musician/inventor Emmett Chapman, creator of the legendary Chapman Stick as well as the more recent NS/Stick, a design collaboration between Emmett and Ned Steinberger.  Emmett discovered and created the unique "Stick" two-handed tapping method on his 9-string guitar in 1969.  It was a totally new way of playing on strings - fingers of both hands aligned parallel to the frets and to each other, each hand approaching the fretboard from opposite sides.  This technique has now been in use for nearly 40 years by Stick players and also by those tapping guitarists and bassists who align both hands at right angles to the neck and strings.  Don became one of Emmett's first students in 1975 and quickly rose to band performance level on  Stick from a professional bass player's perspective.  The student then began to inspire the teacher to new heights as Don applied his funky left-hand bass rhythm concepts to Emmett's powerful tapping technique. More information at


RADIO: Progwereld Radio will have a Rocket Scientists special online weekend of June 28th or July 5th. Be sure to check out the site at Rocket Scientists tune "Pythagoras (Unbound)" recently received some airplay on the radio show Eleventh Hour - Clear Channel Radio in Florida Keys. Disc One "The 2007 Sessions" from Looking Backward was the CD of the Month in May on the Spanish radio program "Los Recuerdos Del Unicorno". Special thanks to all of the DJs who continue to support Rocket Scientists and their music.


VIDEOS: Two excerpts from the video "An Afternoon with Emmett Chapman" from the Rocket Scientists - Looking Backward box set are now on the Rocket Scientists YouTube channel -


"LOOKING BACKWARD" REVIEWS: The Looking Backward box set has received many favorable reviews. We have posted condensed versions for your viewing pleasure at


• ROCKET SCIENTISTS BOX SET: The Looking Backward multimedia box set is available for shipping so if you haven't ordered your box set yet, you can do so at the Think Tank Media site and at the ProgRock Records site.


• AUDIO & VIDEO: Visit the Rocket Scientists YouTube page at Four complete songs from the Looking Backward set have also been posted to the band's MySpace page at



Check out the banner posted on the Think Tank Media site and the MySpace profile. If you would like your own copy of the banner, please email for the html code.


• MYSPACE: Rocket Scientists have a MySpace page located at so please be sure to add them as a friend and check out the full-length songs posted there. We have a banner we'd be happy to send to you for your own MySpace page if you would like to help support Rocket Scientists - just send your request to and we will send it to you.




• ERIK WITH ASIA FEATURING JOHN PAYNE: confirmed show for Asia Featuring John Payne in July:

July 5     Mix 107.7 Summer Fest at Fraze Pavilion, 695 Lincoln Park Boulevard, Kettering, OH

Disclaimer: Asia Featuring John Payne is in not affiliated with Think Tank Media


• INTERVIEWS: Bob Decker Jr., DJ at WRKC in Wilkes-Barre, PA, interviewed Erik to support the Asia Featuring John Payne concert in Scranton, PA. The interview will be archived at


• MYSPACE: Be sure to add Erik as a friend on your myspace page at




• CONFERENCE KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Lana Lane will be a keynote speaker at the first Indiegrrl Conference in beautiful Spencer, VA on August 21st. Indiegrrl supports women in music and some of the proceeds from the conference will go to Indie Music For Life which supports cancer research. For more info, please visit


• TOURING WITH ROCKET SCIENTISTS: Lana will tour with the Rocket Scientists at all currently scheduled concerts as a special guest vocalist. Rocket Scientists performed "The Frozen Sea" from Red Planet Boulevard with Lana at the Rotherham Rocks Festival in the UK last month.


REVIEWS: There is a great review posted by Damien DeSimone at


• RED PLANET BOULEVARD: Lana Lane's new album Red Planet Boulevard is shipping through Think Tank Media and Progrock Records. The album is still receiving rave reviews around the world and continues the great tradition of excellent, top quality Lana Lane releases. Full length mp3s of the Red Planet Boulevard songs, "The Frozen Sea" and "Capture the Sun", have been added to Lana's Myspace page at

• Be sure to add Lana Lane as a friend on her MySpace page at and check out the songs posted there.   




Below is a list of just some of the places to find Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists info on the Internet.

Mark McCrite's MySpace page:

Don Schiff''s MySpace page:

The Asia featuring John Payne MySpace page is located at

The Asia featuring John Payne web site is located at



Visit the Rocket Scientists - Looking Backward press page here -

Visit the Lana Lane - Red Planet Boulevard press page here -

Visit the Lana Lane - Gemini press page here -

Visit the Erik Norlander - Hommage Symphonique press page here -

Visit the Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road press page here -

Visit the Erik Norlander - Live in St. Petersburg press page here -

Special thanks to the journalists and editors who provide CD coverage for Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists. 



Below is a sampling of the many radio shows and stations worldwide that are spinning Erik's, Lana's and Rocket Scientists' CDs.


Silent Planet Radio
Prog Positivity
Independent Nation
Neverending Wonder Radio
WRPS (WebRadioPugetSound)
Soundscape/Dividing Line
Epic Prog with The Lurker
Audities of Perelandra
Progressive Soundscapes Radio
Point of No Return


High Octane Radio
Canvas Prog Hour
The Soupy Gato Show
The Trip/WRFL
Prog-Rock Diner
Aural Moon
Eleventh Hour
Soupy Gato Hour
Distant Early Warning (Canada)
ProgDog (Canada)
ProgDependent (Germany)
PROTON (Germany)
Radio Rock Art (Germany)
Radio Jade (Germany)
Radio Powerplant (Germany)
Radio Emsland (Germany)
Radio afk max Nürnberg (Germany)
Radio Basile (Italy)
MasMusicFM (Mexico)
ProgWereld (The Netherlands)
Symfomania Rockshow (The Netherlands)
Symfozone (The Netherlands)
Spectrum (The Netherlands)
Los recuerdos del unicorno (Madrid, Spain)
Overloaded 89.9 FM (UK)
The Noise Hour at LA MEGA 99.5 FM Radio (Venezuela)

And many more ...

Special thanks to all the DJs who provided and continue to provide airplay for the Think Tank Music projects. 



The musicians and fans of Lana Lane, Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists would love for you to join their web discussion group on Yahoo Groups. It is a nice summit of fans, friends and musicians (including Erik Norlander, Mark McCrite, Don Schiff and Lana Lane) from all over the world. The posts cover all things Lana Lane, Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists, and the messages are posted in English. The musicians participate in the group and posts often. The list is moderated by Mike Alvarez (USA) and Marcel Haster (Europe), creator of the Escher's Staircase fan site. The group is called "Lana Lane and Erik Norlander", but it is also the official Rocket Scientists group as well.

The  Yahoo Group  is located at

To join the group, go to the link above and enter your Yahoo ID (or sign up for one -- it's free). Or you can simply send an email to and you will start receiving the group posts at the address you emailed from.



You can order Lana's Red Planet Boulevard CD, Gemini CD and 10th Anniversary Concert DVD, Erik Norlander's Hommage Symphonique CD and Live in St. Petersburg DVD, the Rocket Scientists Revolution Road CD and Looking Backward box set and all of their available back catalog at Select titles are also available at and at International secure ordering and shipping.

In Europe, Think Tank Media titles are distributed by Bertus (Benelux) and Musea (France) and sold through Empire Music and Just For Kicks Music in Germany along with many other fine companies throughout Europe. Select Lana Lane titles are released on the Frontiers and Diversity Media labels in Italy and Germany respectively. 

In Japan, Think Tank Media titles are nationally released by Marquee, Inc. on their Avalon and Belle Antique labels.

All CDs are also available for sale at shows so be sure to support independent music and purchase CDs for yourself and all your friends and family! Music is the gift that keeps on giving.

For our friends in the USA, please ask your local retailers to stock the CDs which are now distributed by ProgRock Records and Ryko Distribution.



Think Tank Media recommends for your primary digital download source. Many bonus tracks are available on Erik's, Lana's and Rocket Scientists' Mindawn pages:

Erik Norlander on Mindawn:

Lana Lane on Mindawn: http://www.

Rocket Scientists on Mindawn:

Mark McCrite on Mindawn:

Here are some recent additions to Mindawn from Erik, Lana and Rocket Scientists:

Rocket Scientists - Looking Backward:
Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road:
Lana Lane - Red Planet Boulevard
Lana Lane - Gemini
Lana Lane - 10th Anniversary Concert:
Erik Norlander - Hommage Symphonique:
Erik Norlander - Live in St. Petersburg:

You can also legally download the songs and albums of Lana, Erik and Rocket Scientists on the Apple iTunes, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody and Music Match services. Please avoid peer-to-peer file sharing services that violate international copyright law.



For all things Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists, please check out the official Think Tank Media web site at You will also find info there about other projects released by the Think Tank Media group.


Thanks so much for reading The Passing Parade. We appreciate your continued support. If you have any feedback,  please email us at We always enjoy hearing from you. Remember to tell all your friends about the Erik Norlander/Lana Lane/Rocket Scientists newsletter and their music! Please invite them to join this mailing list.

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