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Issue #4: September 18, 2007

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Welcome to the fourth issue of our aperiodical newsletter, The Passing Parade. There are lots of exciting things happening in the Think Tank Media thinking tanks these days, and we thought it was time to fill everyone in on the happenings around here. At the moment I'm at my keyboard rig preparing for my solo appearance at Moogfest in New York City this coming Saturday. More details on this one below, but it looks like it will be a great event, and I'm very much looking forward to the show. When I return, I'll be putting the finishing touches on the Rocket Scientists - Looking Backward box set in order to get it out by the end of October. This is really a special project, and I hope you will all love it as much as I do. The DVD alone is simply spectacular. And over on the Lana Lane front, we have been in a couple of studios this summer, one in The Netherlands and another in San Francisco, making some incredible new recordings for Lana's next masterpiece. There's also a whole lot of fantastic press out there that continues to carry momentum for our projects around the globe. I am so grateful to all of the journalists who continue to support our efforts, and I especially appreciate the patience of those journalists with whom I have had to postpone interviews due to recording schedules. I promise I'll catch up! For everyone else, please read through the newsletter and find out what we have in store for the rest of the year ... it's not over yet!

Best wishes, 
Erik Norlander
El Dorado Hills, California, September 2007



• MOOGFEST: Erik Norlander will perform at the prestigious Moogfest, the annual festival commemorating and celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of maverick inventor Robert Moog and his namesake synthesizer. Beginning at 7:30PM on Saturday, September 22nd, the fourth annual Moogfest boasts some of the most renowned keyboardists in the world. Along with Norlander, other performers include Thomas Dolby, Jordan Rudess, Adam Holzman, Spiraling, Don Preston, Gershon Kingsley, Nail, and Herb Deutsch. B.B. King's Blues Club, located at 243 West 42nd Street in New York City, will once again host Moogfest. Moog Music, located in Asheville, NC, designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments including synthesizers, effects modules, and theremins.

• SAMPLEMOOG: Erik Norlander has contributed high quality samples of his famous Wall of Doom modular Moog synthesizer along with samples of other Moog instruments from his collection to the forthcoming "SampleMoog" virtual instrument from Sonic Reality and IK Multimedia. The instrument is based on IK Multimedia's SampleTank technology and will contain samples of all of the famous Moog synthesizers and even some very obscure ones.

• INTERVIEWS: If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Electronic Music Online interview with Erik Norlander. Listen to Erik's interesting stories about his music, equipment and projects.

• The interview with Erik in the New York Magazine Inside Connection was published in the July 2007 issue. The Buzz - A&R Report: The All Around Artist - Erik Norlander's Work Spans Many Genres

• For mp3 samples of all the Hommage Symphonique songs, visit

• Be sure to add Erik Norlander and Lana Lane as a friend on their MySpace page at and check out the songs posted there. We have a banner we'd be happy to send to you for your own MySpace page if you would like to help support the Live In St. Petersburg DVD release - just send your request to and we will send it to you.

Erik Norlander live in 2007

Photo by Bettina Doerr



Lana Lane has been in the studio writing and recording a new album of all original material. Producer Erik Norlander spent the month of August in Europe recording the new songs with Lana's long time collaborators Peer Verschuren (guitar) and Ernst Van Ee (drums). Erik's preliminary report on the album describes it as "more of a melodic rock effort with some links to the original "Love is an Illusion" album atmosphere combined with some more modern colors: so a little old, a little new, and as always, a lot of great music from Lana Lane." More news on the album to follow soon!

• Check out Lana's latest interview at Rocknet Webzine Here! Special thanks to journalist Angela Monger for the interview. Direct link:

• If you haven't already heard it, DJ Bob Decker Jr. recently completed a three part interview featuring Lana Lane on WRKC. If you are interested in hearing all three parts, you can request them from Also watch for postings of this interview at Bob's myspace archives -

For mp3 samples of all the Gemini songs, visit

Be sure to add Lana Lane as a friend on her MySpace page at and check out the songs posted there.   

Lana Lane and Peer Verschuren live in 2007

Photo by Bettina Doerr



• The Looking Backward box set is scheduled for an October 31st release date on the Think Tank Media label and distributed by ProgRock Records. Here is the news flash on the project: Rocket Scientists will release a box set entitled Looking Backward, a 5-disc collection containing remastered versions of their first three studio albums, "Earthbound", Brutal Architecture" and "Oblivion Days", along with a 4th audio CD of new recordings of classic Rocket Scientists' songs reinterpreted by the band live in the studio in 2007. The 5th disc is a DVD-9 containing video of the 2007 sessions along with extensive interviews and historical archive footage from sessions going back to 1993. The band has posted an advance video of the song "Earthbound" on YouTube -- See it Here!  Or the direct link is:

• Live concert dates for Rocket Scientists are already being scheduled for 2008 in Europe and the USA.

Rocket Scientists' advance video of the song "Earthbound" was reviewed at Gloob TV -

• The interview with Rocket Scientists was published in the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of Progression magazine. Special thanks to journalist Eric Harabadian for the excellent writing and to John Collinge for publishing this wonderful piece of work!

Drumhead magazine reviewed the Rocket Scientists CD Revolution Road in their May-June 2007 issue, with focus on the three drummer angle (Gregg Bissonette, Simon Phillips, and the late Shaun Guerin).

• More reviews appear at Background Magazine in Holland;
Prog-PT in Portugal -
and Hardsounds in Italy -

• The interview from RoSFest at USA Prog Music is posted here:

Rocket Scientists has a MySpace page located at so please be sure to add them as a friend and check out the full-length songs posted there. We have a banner we'd be happy to send to you for your own MySpace page if you would like to help support Rocket Scientists - just send your request to and we will send it to you.

Rocket Scientists Interview Still - 2007

Still image captured from one of the Looking Backward DVD interview segments. Left to right: Don Schiff, Mark McCrite, Erik Norlander and Greg Ellis.



Rocket Scientists' Stick master Don Schiff will be playing a solo gig on on Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 at:

Across the Street
4601 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone 619-507-7223

More info at:

Mike Alvarez's band The Bass Clef Experiment opens.

We hope to see all of you at the gig!



Check out the RoSFest Rocket Scientists photo gallery at Special thanks to all of the photographers who contributed their fine work.

Photos from the European concert dates are currently being collected and a photo gallery for them is planned for the near future.

Below is a list of just some of the places to find Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists info on the Internet.

Marcel Haster's authorized fan site:

Mark McCrite's MySpace page:

Don Schiff''s MySpace page:



Visit the Lana Lane - Gemini press page here -

Visit the Erik Norlander - Hommage Symphonique press page here -

Visit the Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road press page here -

Visit the Erik Norlander - Live in St. Petersburg press page here -

Special thanks to the journalists and editors who provide CD coverage for Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists. 



Below is a sampling of the many radio shows and stations worldwide that are spinning Erik's, Lana's and Rocket Scientists' CDs.

Silent Planet Radio
Prog Positivity
Independent Nation
Neverending Wonder Radio
WRPS (WebRadioPugetSound)
Soundscape/Dividing Line
Epic Prog with The Lurker
Audities of Perelandra
Progressive Soundscapes Radio
Point of No Return
High Octane Radio=
Canvas Prog Hour
The Trip/WRFL
Prog-Rock Diner
Aural Moon
Distant Early Warning (Canada)
ProgDog (Canada)
ProgDependent (Germany)
PROTON (Germany)
Radio Rock Art (Germany)
Radio Jade (Germany)
Radio Powerplant (Germany)
Radio Emsland (Germany)
Radio afk max Nürnberg (Germany)
Spectrum (Holland)
Radio Basile (Italy)
MasMusicFM (Mexico)
Symfomania Rockshow (The Netherlands)
Los recuerdos del unicornio (Spain)
Overloaded 89.9 FM (UK)

And many more......

Special thanks to all the DJs who provided and continue to provide airplay for the Think Tank Music projects. 



The musicians and fans of Lana Lane, Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists would love for you to join their web discussion group on Yahoo Groups. It is a nice summit of fans, friends and musicians (including Erik Norlander, Mark McCrite, Don Schiff and Lana Lane) from all over the world. The posts cover all things Lana Lane, Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists, and the messages are posted in English. The musicians participate in the group and posts often. The list is moderated by Mike Alvarez (USA) and Marcel Haster (Europe), creator of the Escher's Staircase fan site. The group is called "Lana Lane and Erik Norlander", but it is also the official Rocket Scientists group as well.

The  Yahoo Group  is located at

To join the group, go to the link above and enter your Yahoo ID (or sign up for one -- it's free). Or you can simply send an email to and you will start receiving the group posts at the address you emailed from.



You can order Erik Norlander's Hommage Symphonique CD and Live in St. Petersburg DVD, Lana's Gemini CD and 10th Anniversary Concert DVD, the Rocket Scientists Revolution Road CD and all of their available back catalog at Also select titles are available at and at International secure ordering and shipping.

In Europe, Think Tank Media titles are distributed by Bertus (Benelux) and Musea (France) and sold through Empire Music and Just For Kicks Music in Germany along with many other fine companies throughout Europe. Select Lana Lane titles are released on the Frontiers and Diversity Media labels in Italy and Germany respectively. 

In Japan, Think Tank Media titles are nationally released by Marquee, Inc. on their Avalon and Belle Antique labels.

All CDs are also available for sale at shows so be sure to support independent music and purchase CDs for yourself and all your friends and family! Music is the gift that keeps on giving.

For our friends in the USA, please ask your local retailers to stock the CDs which are now distributed by ProgRock Records and Ryko Distribution.



Think Tank Media recommends for your primary digital download source. Many bonus tracks are available on Erik's, Lana's and Rocket Scientists' Mindawn pages:

Erik Norlander on Mindawn:

Lana Lane on Mindawn: http://www.

Rocket Scientists on Mindawn:

Mark McCrite on Mindawn:

Here are some recent additions to Mindawn from Erik, Lana and Rocket Scientists:

Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road:
Lana Lane - Gemini
Lana Lane - 10th Anniversary Concert:
Erik Norlander - Hommage Symphonique:
Erik Norlander - Live in St. Petersburg:

You can also legally download the songs and albums of Lana, Erik and Rocket Scientists on the Apple iTunes, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody and Music Match services. Please avoid peer-to-peer file sharing services that violate international copyright law.



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