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Issue #2: March 12, 2007

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Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter, The Passing Parade. The response to our first issue was excellent, and we're happy to continue on with it. The big news this issue is about our forthcoming tour plans. After sorting through a parade of options, we've finally settled on a string of European dates in England, Belgium, Holland and Germany, and the locations are spread out across the map so that hopefully at least ONE of the shows will be somewhat nearby (unless you live in Miami, of course). We will conclude this part of the tour with our Rocket Scientists appearance at RoSFest. If you wonder about that weird mixed case usage, RoSFest is short for the "Rites of Spring Festival" in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. This will be the first American east coast appearance by Rocket Scientists, and Lana Lane will make a special appearance in the set as well. American audiences will also get to see our excellent Dutch colleagues, Peer Verschuren and Ernst Van Ee, onstage for the first time with us in our own country. For the Europeans, this will be the first time in 10 years that Rocket Scientists has played on your shores. We are all very much looking forward to tour and to bringing some new music from the studio to the stage. Please see the "UPCOMING SHOWS" section below for details. 

The other big news item I'd like to talk about is the "new" release in the works from Rocket Scientists. After the incredibly warm reception you gave us all with the Revolution Road album, we've been working hard to assemble a great reissue plan for our back catalog of studio albums. Last month in February, we assembled myself, Mark McCrite, Don Schiff and percussionist Greg Ellis at Woodcliff Studio in Los Angeles, the studio where we recorded the debut Earthbound album and much of the Brutal Architecture album in the early 1990s. The band set up in the live room and proceeded to work out new arrangements of some old songs -- songs from those first two albums, in fact. We recorded the whole thing to multitrack and also shot some rather nice video during the sessions. We'll be mixing and editing all that stuff immediately following the April tour, and we will release it all as a deluxe box set with the original 3 studio albums (remastered along with a few bonus tracks), a 4th CD of all the new recordings we made last month along with some remixes of songs from Oblivion Days, and then a DVD of last month's sessions as a kind of informal documentary. The four of us also sat down in front of a video camera for some interview material that I think you will find interesting. 

Lastly, our three most recent releases, Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road, Lana Lane - Gemini and Erik Norlander - Hommage Symphonique all continue to fly off the shelves, and multiple pressings of each title have been ordered within just a few months' time thanks to your enthusiasm for these titles. On behalf of Mark, Don, Lana, myself and everyone who was involved in these albums, let me send a humble and grateful THANK YOU for the wonderful support you have given us. We truly appreciate it, and we look forward to creating more great music in the not-so-distant future!

Best wishes, 
Erik Norlander
El Dorado Hills, California, March 2007 



All shows are "Rocket Scientists and Lana Lane" except for RoSFest which is a "Rocket Scientists" date only (Lana will make a guest appearance at RoSFest though). Rocket Scientists will be playing music from all four of their studio albums in their set and Lana will perform her Lady Macbeth album in its entirety along with some other Lana Lane favorites. The band is wrangling a lot of music for this tour!


The lineup for the Rocket Scientists spring tour includes:

Erik Norlander - keyboards
Mark McCrite - vocals, guitar
Don Schiff - NS/Stick (April 7th - April 12th shows)
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - bass (April 13th & 14th shows in Germany)
Peer Verschuren - guitar
Ernst Van Ee- drums


Saturday, 7 April, 2007 7:30 PM - Presented by the Classic Rock Society at The Herringthorpe Leisure Centre, Rotherham, England 

Monday, 9 April 2007 8:00 PM - Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium

Tuesday, 10 April 2007 8:00 PM - De Kade, Zaandam, The Netherlands

Thursday, 12 April 2007 8:00 PM - Quasimodo, Pirmasens, Germany

Friday, 13 April 2007 8:00 PM - Bergkeller, Reichenbach, Germany

Saturday, 14 April 2007 8:30 PM - Irrlicht, Bünde-Spenge, Germany and


Saturday, 28 April 2007 11:00 AM - Rites of Spring Festival - Colonial Theater, 227 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA


Additional dates are presently under consideration.

Don Schiff appears live with Rocket Scientists with the gracious support of Stick Enterprises.

ABOUT STICK ENTERPRISES:  This California Stick manufacturing and marketing corporation was founded by musician/inventor Emmett Chapman, creator of the legendary Chapman Stick as well as the more recent NS/Stick, a design collaboration between Emmett and Ned Steinberger.  Emmett discovered and created the unique "Stick" two-handed tapping method on his 9-string guitar in 1969.  It was a totally new way of playing on strings - fingers of both hands aligned parallel to the frets and to each other, each hand approaching the fretboard from opposite sides.  This technique has now been in use for nearly 40 years by Stick players and also by those tapping guitarists and bassists who align both hands at right angles to the neck and strings.  Don became one of Emmett's first students in 1975 and quickly rose to band performance level on  Stick from a professional bass player's perspective.  The student then began to inspire the teacher to new heights as Don applied his funky left-hand bass rhythm concepts to Emmett's powerful tapping technique. More information at



 Revolution Road was voted "Best CD of 2006" by the readers of Sea of Tranquility.

Airplay and reviews continue as more people are introduced to the intricate music of Rocket Scientists. A recent review-in-brief is at Watch for upcoming coverage in Progression Magazine written by journalist Eric Harabadian.

Rocket Scientists recently gathered together for two weeks of sessions at Woodcliff Studio in Los Angeles, California, the site of their debut recording, Earthbound, released way back in 1993. Core members Erik Norlander, Mark McCrite and Don Schiff along with drummer / percussionist Greg Ellis assembled to record new interpretations of several songs from the band's first two albums for release along with the original albums as a box set later in 2007. The original 3 albums, Earthbound, Brutal Architecture and Oblivion Days, will all be remastered and given some extra bonus tracks. The fourth CD in the set will contain the new recordings made by the band in February of 2007 along with remixes of some songs from the Oblivion Days album. The February 2007 sessions were videotaped in the studio, and the band plans to release the video as part of the box set as an informal documentary DVD along with some interview segments. 

Rocket Scientists at Woodcliff Studio, February 2007

Rocket Scientists will be touring in Europe in April along with Lana Lane and then finding their way to the Rites of Spring Festival to finish the month. Erik Norlander (k), Mark McCrite (v,g) and Don Schiff (Stick) will be joined by Erik and Lana's long time touring alumni, Peer Verschuren (g) and Ernst Van Ee (d) to complete the band for some incredible concerts. Lana Lane will make an appearance with the band as well, ensuring some unforgettable evenings of timeless progressive music. 

Rocket Scientists have a MySpace page located at so please be sure to add them as a friend and check out the full-length songs posted there. We have a banner we'd be happy to send to you for your own MySpace page if you would like to help support Rocket Scientists - just send your request to and we will send it to you. 



Lana Lane will be performing her Lady Macbeth album in its entirety on the forthcoming April European tour and she will also join Rocket Scientists for some RS songs in their set as well. This will be a real treat to Rocket Scientists and Lana Lane fans alike with her return to the European market. Lana will also perform as a special guest of Rocket Scientists at the RoSFest show in the USA on April 28th.

Several interviews are in the works for our lovely Lana and her new covers album Gemini is beginning to receive radio airplay on women's oriented radio. Check out They were the first women's station to jump on board with airplay. We will be sure to update you with all the latest news.

A few of the recent reviews of Gemini include Strutterzine in The Netherlands, and an interview and a feature review at

Also, Gemini charted at #8 on the New Music Weekly college chart in December/January.

For mp3 samples of all the Gemini songs, visit

Be sure to add Lana Lane as a friend on her MySpace page at and check out the songs posted there.   



There is a new instrumental CD from prog metal guitarist Jimmy Williams entitled Sonic Divergence that was produced and recorded by Erik. The album is available for legal download on and also at CD Baby and Guitar 9 Records. Jim also contributed some great guitar tracks to the new Rocket Scientists recordings last month which are being prepared for the box set reissue of the Rocket Scientists back catalog. You can check out Jim's playing at his MySpace page

Hommage Symphonique continues to get its share of reviews. Check out Trademark of Quality for an excellent review, and Rock-is-Life for an interview and a review. In addition to Marcel Haster's original review, a second review at Progressiveworld has been written by well-known Belgian journalist John "Bobo" Bollenberg. Hommage Symphonique charted at #10 on the New Music Weekly College Radio Chart and an interview with Erik will be published soon in the print magazine Sound Spectrum.

For mp3 samples of all the Hommage Symphonique songs, visit

Be sure to add Erik Norlander and Lana Lane as a friend on their MySpace page at and check out the songs posted there. We have a banner we'd be happy to send to you for your own MySpace page if you would like to help support the Live In St. Petersburg DVD release - just send your request to and we will send it to you.



Updated at the Erik Norlander site! New photos in the photo gallery  and new equipment shots.

Below is a list of just some of the places to find Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists info on the Internet. - Check out the new home page photo located here.

Mark McCrite now has a MySpace page. Check it out at 



Visit the Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road press page here -

Visit the Erik Norlander - Live in St. Petersburg press page here -

We are currently gathering press for the new Lana Lane - Gemini and Erik Norlander - Hommage Symphonique titles. Some great early reviews can be found at http://www.seoftranquility, and A reviews page is in the works so stay tuned for more info soon.

Special thanks to the journalists and editors who provide CD coverage for Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists. 



Below is a sampling of the many radio shows and stations worldwide that are spinning Erik's, Lana's and Rocket Scientists' CDs.

Silent Planet Radio
Prog Positivity
Independent Nation
Neverending Wonder Radio
WRPS (WebRadioPugetSound)
Soundscape/Dividing Line
Epic Prog with The Lurker
Audities of Perelandra
Progressive Soundscapes Radio
Point of No Return
High Octane Radio
Canvas Prog Hour
The Trip/WRFL
Prog-Rock Diner
Aural Moon
Distant Early Warning (Canada)
ProgDog (Canada)
ProgDependent (Germany)
PROTON (Germany)
Radio Rock Art (Germany)
Radio Jade (Germany)
Radio Powerplant (Germany)
Radio Emsland (Germany)
Radio afk max Nürnberg (Germany)
MasMusicFM (Mexico)
Symfomania Rockshow (The Netherlands)
Los recuerdos del unicornio (Spain)

And many more......

Special thanks to all the DJs who provided and continue to provide airplay for the Think Tank Music projects. 



The musicians and fans of Lana Lane, Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists would love for you to join their web discussion group on Yahoo Groups. It is a nice summit of fans, friends and musicians (including Erik Norlander, Mark McCrite, Don Schiff and Lana Lane) from all over the world. The posts cover all things Lana Lane, Erik Norlander and Rocket Scientists, and the messages are posted in English. The musicians participate in the group and posts often. The list is moderated by Mike Alvarez (USA) and Marcel Haster (Europe), creator of the Escher's Staircase fan site. The group is called "Lana Lane and Erik Norlander", but it is also the official Rocket Scientists group as well.

The  Yahoo Group  is located at

To join the group, go to the link above and enter your Yahoo ID (or sign up for one -- it's free). Or you can simply send an email to and you will start receiving the group posts at the address you emailed from.



You can order Erik Norlander's Hommage Symphonique CD and Live in St. Petersburg DVD, Lana's Gemini CD and 10th Anniversary Concert DVD, the Rocket Scientists Revolution Road CD and all of their available back catalog at Also select titles are available at and at International secure ordering and shipping.

In Europe, Think Tank Media titles are distributed by Bertus (Benelux) and Musea (France) and sold through Empire Music and Just For Kicks Music in Germany along with many other fine companies throughout Europe. Select Lana Lane titles are released on the Frontiers and Diversity Media labels in Italy and Germany respectively. 

In Japan, Think Tank Media titles are nationally released by Marquee, Inc. on their Avalon and Belle Antique labels.

All CDs are also available for sale at shows so be sure to support independent music and purchase CDs for yourself and all your friends and family! Music is the gift that keeps on giving.

For our friends in the USA, please ask your local retailers to stock the CDs which are now distributed by ProgRock Records and Ryko Distribution.



Think Tank Media recommends for your primary digital download source. Many bonus tracks are available on Erik's, Lana's and Rocket Scientists' Mindawn pages:

Erik Norlander on Mindawn:

Lana Lane on Mindawn: http://www.

Rocket Scientistts on Mindawn:

Mark McCrite on Mindawn:

Here are some recent additions to Mindawn from Erik, Lana and Rocket Scientists:

Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road:
Lana Lane - Gemini
Lana Lane - 10th Anniversary Concert:
Erik Norlander - Hommage Symphonique:
Erik Norlander - Live in St. Petersburg:

You can also legally download the songs and albums of Lana, Erik and Rocket Scientists on the Apple iTunes, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody and Music Match services. Please avoid peer-to-peer file sharing services that violate international copyright law.



For all things Erik Norlander, Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists, please check out the Official THINK TANK MEDIA web site at You will also find info there about other projects released by the Think Tank Media group.


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