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Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective


     1. Look Up 
2. Sky is Falling 
3. Dream in Red 
4. Better View 
5. Outside the Painted Walls 
6. Revolution Road 
7. Forever Nights 
8. Ptolemy 
9. Gypsy 
10. Savor Every Moment 


     1. Castles Fall 
2. UFO S.H.A.D.O. Theme
3. Enjoy the Weather 
4. Pay Your Dues 
5. Eden Burns 
6. Hold That Thought 
7. House of Cards 
8. After the Revolution 



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Original press release

"Revolution Road" is the fourth studio album from noted American prog rockers

(Los Angeles, 12 June 2006) Acclaimed American progressive rock legends Rocket Scientists have returned to the studio after an 8 year hiatus and are proud to announce the forthcoming release of their new epic double album, "Revolution Road". Combining Rocket Scientists' extraordinary blend of melodic and memorable songwriting with adventurous instrumental fireworks, "Revolution Road" takes the band to new heights of artistic achievement. Founding members Mark McCrite (guitar, vocals), Erik Norlander (keyboards) and Don Schiff (NS/Stick) started writing and demoing songs for the album in 2002 and even played some California concert dates. But following the loss of their drummer, Shaun Guerin, the project was put on hold. The three musicians continued to collaborate on other projects including Lana Lane's "Winter Sessions" and "Lady Macbeth" CDs and Norlander's "Music Machine" concept album. Norlander also produced Don Schiff's remarkable 2005 solo album, "Peering Over Clouds". But following the Lana Lane 10th Anniversary Tour in 2005, McCrite, Norlander and Schiff officially reunited again as Rocket Scientists and began to record this new studio opus.

"Revolution Road" brings two new musicians to the Rocket Scientists universe. Drummer Gregg Bissonette, who previously played on Norlander's "Music Machine" and Lana Lane's "Covers Collection" and "Winter Sessions" CDs, brings his dynamic versatility and technical excellence to the band. South Carolina's David McBee has also been brought in as the second lead vocalist. McBee's powerful hard rock vocal ethic is the perfect contrast to McCrite's smooth and warm vocal stylings. Together, the two vocalists are a formidable pair that take Rocket Scientists to new uncharted worlds. "Revolution Road" is produced by Erik Norlander, and it contains stunning artwork from Polish surrealist Jacek Yerka who painted the cover to the band's last album, "Oblivion Days", Schiff's solo album, "Peering Over Clouds", as well the unforgettable covers that appear on the many famous Lana Lane albums. "Revolution Road" is a new milestone for Rocket Scientists, and it is one that will surely send the band to new altitudes. The album will be released on the Avalon label in Japan on September 23, 2006 and worldwide through Think Tank Media on November 7, 2006. The countdown begins!

Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road Promo Photo

photo by Raj Naik



Mark McCrite - guitars, vocals
Erik Norlander - keyboards
Don Schiff - NS/Stick


Gregg Bissonette - drums on all tracks except "Better View"
Simon Phillips - drums on "Better View" (beginning and end)
Shaun Guerin - drums on "Better View" (middle)
David McBee - vocals on Disc One: 2, 3, 6 and Disc Two: 4, 5, 7
Greg Phelps - accordion on "Enjoy the Weather"

          Release Dates:

          Japan: September 22, 2006 on the Avalon label
          USA / Europe: November 7, 2006 on the Think Tank Media label


Rocket Scientists Win Sea of Tranquility's Best of 2006 Poll!
Posted on Thursday, February 01 2007 @ 07:57:43 CST by Pete Pardo

Revolution Road was a triumphant return for Erik Norlander and the guys in Rocket Scientists, as not only did the CD receive rave reviews here at SoT and wind up on quite a few of our writers Best of 2006 lists, but our readers have just voted for Revolution Road as their favorite release of 2006! Contratulations to Erik, Mark McCrite, Don Schiff, Gregg Bissonette, and the other guest musicians on the CD who made Revolution Road such a wonderful listen in 2006. Coming in second place was Denmark's Mercenary, whose The Hours That Remain showed that the band was ready to compete in the progressive metal spotlight with the heavyweights, and third was the always reliable Devin Townsend and his stellar mix of prog and avant-garde metal on Synchestra. Thanks to all of our readers who voted, and once again, congrats to Rocket Scientists, who are this years recipient of Sea of Tranquility's Best CD of 2006!



EMPIRE magazine (Germany)
Author: Michael Bäcker

....Rocket Scientists impressively return with the super strong double CD 'Revolution Road'......Altogether 'Revolution Road' contains three great elements: virtuoso instrumentals, progressive rock anthems and sensitive ballads, and these are arranged by imaginativeness, diversity and musical virtuosity to tie together the many parts. For me personally, this double CD is so far the highlight of the year. I remain hopeful that the band returns again more frequently in the future to share their musical ideas.


BREAK OUT Magazine (Germany)
Author: Marco Magin

The new, phenomenal caper is called "Revolution Road" and is a true masterpiece. The double album evolves in such an interesting way that I cannot describe it all fully. ...Nearly 142 minutes long with 18 tracks, the CD catapults the Rocket Scientists in the rock universe, landing them between ELP, Procol Harum Moody Blues, Camel and their many other influences.


Author: Paul Jerome Smith

As you would expect from the individuals involved, the musicianship is formidable and the performances across the eighteen memorable, melodic tracks (plus brief intro 'Look Up') sheer class in every case. ...Revolution Road' is a tremendously accomplished release, and one that you can add to your Christmas wants lists with confidence.


Author: Tommy Hash

8 years, and you have been waiting for this. .....Revolution Road sparks an intricate balance of song-oriented structuring along with the hierarchy for the whole 'musicianship oriented' factor.... The world of thinking man's rock and roll has gotten a double dose of new Rocket Scientists material, and in the world of your Spock's Beards & Flower Kings tending to take most of the street credibility these days, these guys lead a different 'revolution' of musical ideas, one listen and you won't have to be a 'rocket scientist' to figure that out.


Sea of Tranquility
Author: Michael Popke

So ... Rocket Scientists, one of American prog's most overlooked bands, disappears for seven years and then emerges in late 2006 with the strongest album &emdash; a double CD, no less &emdash; of its career? You better believe it. Revolution Road also contains some of the finest 101 minutes of progressive music you've heard this year....Lyrically, Rocket Scientists paint vivid images of other worlds &emdash; and better worlds.... great deal of thought also went into this set, allowing Rocket Scientists to preserve its roots and stretch its boundaries at the same time.


Sea of Tranquility
Author: Pete Pardo

With the opening synth notes of "Look Up" an obvious nod to King Crimson's "In the Court of the Crimson King", it is quickly apparent that Rocket Scientists, after their long absence, are back with a return to glorious prog rock. Well, as you keep listening to this wonderful 2CD set Revolution Road, that is indeed the case. With the trio of Erik Norlander (keyboards), Mark McCrite (vocals/guitars), and Don Schiff (NS/Stick) being joined by drummers Greg Bissonette, Simon Phillips, and the late Shaun Guerin, as well as singer David McBee, accordion player Greg Phelps, this is a very well rounded affair, complete with elements of full-blown prog rock, some hard rock, and pop........A superb release, and well worth the wait!


Morrigan's Pit (Germany)
Author: Hans van Pruissen

When you listen to this album, it is mainly the peaceful atmosphere and the brilliant musicianship that grabs you, and Erik Norlander's production qualities again stand out.


Norlander does it all, from fast Wakeman-esque leads to early-70's prog organ to Mellotron pads to his own signature lead lines. Rocket Scientists have really polished the pop aspect of their songwriting, within arrangements that are always proggy.


Author: Marcel Haster

......what a fantastic group of musicians Rocket Scientists are and what beautiful music they bring us. Words will never do justice to an album such as Revolution Road. You really have to listen to the album yourself, to explore all the beauty it has to offer.....This album has so many musical surprises for you! No metal, but in the progressive / classic / melodic / symphonic rock genre all the more.


Music Street Journal
Author: Lorraine Kaye

....There is not one moment of weakness anywhere, which says a lot with over 110 minutes worth of material to choose from. It is captivating that the altogether 18 songs contain diversity and strong melodies. This album is a must-have for anyone, not just prog-rock fans....


Author: Jerry Lucky

....The first word that came to my mind upon listening to Revolution Road was 'slick' and I mean that in every positive sense. These compositions are very polished, smooth, slick whatever, they sound great. In fact the musicianship here is so tight; it's obvious these guys have been working steadily. On the whole Revolution Road is a great return for the Rocket Scientists. The two-discs are packed with some tremendous compositions, spectacular musicianship and it all sounds great. Welcome back. Let's hope the next release doesn't take another eight-years.


Music Morsels
Author: Mark E. Waterbury

With their first CD in eight years and fourth overall, Rocket Scientists weave classic prog stylings, ethereal passages and gritty, fat-chorded rock into a phenomenal double disc......Created masterfully by the core writing team of Erik Norlander, Mark McCrite and Don Schiff, this disc proves there is no reason Rocket Scientists shouldn't be one of the hottest acts in prog rock.


Hard Rock Haven
Author: John Kindred

......The band incorporates elements of jazz, rock, fusion and experimental touches which make the complete prog-rock experience a high-caliber one. Rocket Scientists have delivered a smart collection of songs that should be quite enjoyable for Norlander and prog-rock fans.


High Bias
Author: Michael Toland

Progressive rock has very few standard bearers (at least in comparison to other genres), and even fewer of those are truly standouts. The Rocket Scientists is one of those bands, and it's a pleasure to finally see a new record.


The Doorway (Belgium)
Author: Ronald Vermulst

...Without no doubt in my mind this long awaited release from the boys from Rocket Scientists is the best what I have heard in a long long time. ...You can place Rocket Scientists in the same major Progressive line as Spock's Beard, Transatlantic, Flower Kings, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and so on.

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