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Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective
     1. Earthbound
     2. Down Trodden
     3. Picture Show
     4. No More Lies
     5. Killing Joke
     6. Avalon
     7. Welcome to the Machine
     8. Minstrel Saviour
     9. When Sorrow Falls
   10. Calm Before the Storm
   11. Pythagoras
   12. Temple of Pain
   13. Carry Me Home
   14. To the Edge of the World (bonus track)

    Total running time ...



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This individual CD is out of print. A remastered version was released in 2007 as part of the Looking Backward box set. You can download the complete remastered album at both ReverbNation and iTunes.

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The 1993 debut album from American prog rockers

(Los Angeles, January 2005) EARTHBOUND is the debut CD from the Los Angeles - based ROCKET SCIENTISTS, originally released in 1993. The album is also the debut production from keyboardist Erik Norlander who has gone on to produce 25 + albums for his Think Tank Media record label.

EARTHBOUND was the brainchild of vocalist / guitarist Mark McCrite and keyboardist Erik Norlander who had played together since high school. After playing live gigs around the Los Angeles area for several years with various incarnations of Rocket Scientists (3 piece to 6 piece!), McCrite and Norlander set out to record a master quality demo that they would use to search for the holy grail, the sacred cow, the all - mighty and equally elusive "record deal".

Rocket Scientists received several offers for recording contracts and many more invitations to change the band's sound -- sometimes in conflicting ways. McCrite and Norlander grew up listening to 70s progressive rock, and even though that genre was particularly frowned upon in the late 80s and early 90s, the two did their best to stay true to their roots while producing recordings that were commercially viable.

EARTHBOUND was pressed up on Norlander's fledgling Think Tank Media label, then just a production company moniker, as a dual - purpose demo to larger labels and saleable product. What surprised both Norlander and McCrite was how a seemingly underground progressive community embraced the album. While on the one side, business people were telling Rocket Scientists to be more commercial, write shorter songs and be less indulgent, the fans and shops that were buying the CDs told them exactly the opposite -- stretch out, be more experimental, write longer pieces, don't be in such a hurry to get to a chorus, etc.

As Rocket Scientists weighed their options and mulled over directional shifts, the first pressing of EARTHBOUND sold out. Another was made, then another, and another. In 1995 the band was offered a licensing deal by Kinesis Records in the United States and the Marquee Corporation in Japan for their second album, BRUTAL ARCHITECTURE, which was decidedly more adventurous, more artistic, more "progressive". In 1997, Rocket Scientists toured for the first time in Europe, recording their live CD, EARTH BELOW AND SKY ABOVE. In 1999, the band exceeded already high expectations with their third studio effort, OBLIVION DAYS, displaying more evolution and sophistication than ever before.

After exhausting several pressings, EARTHBOUND has been out of print since 2001. A remastered reissue CD was released in 2007 as part of the LOOKING BACKWARD box set. The remastered version of EARTHBOUND is also available for legal download at ReverbNation and iTunes. Enjoy!

Various Versions of Earthbound

Earthbound was originally released in 1993 on the Think Tank Media label in the USA and is now out of print.

(30 December 2007) A remastered version of Earthbound has been released as part of the Looking Backward multimedia box set in December 2007. The remastered version contains the bonus track, "To the Edge of the World", a demo from the Earthbound era that was not used on the original album but did appear in revised form as the song "On the Wings of Ghosts" on Erik Norlander's Into the Sunset album in 2000. You can download the remastered version of Earthbound on ReverbNation and iTunes complete with the "To the Edge of the World" bonus track.

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