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Albums are listed in the chronological order in which they were released, with the most recent at the top.
This is a fairly random selection of reviews and is by no means a complete list.

Lana Lane - Project Shangri-La

Lana Lane - Project Shangri-La (released January 23, 2002)

Into the Sunset

Erik Norlander - Into the Sunset (released May 21, 2000)

Secrets of Astrology

Lana Lane - Secrets of Astrology (released April 21, 2000)

Best of LL

The Best of Lana Lane 1995-1999 (released November 21, 1999)

Oblivion Days

Rocket Scientists - Oblivion Days (released October 21, 1999)

Echoes from the Ocean

Lana Lane - Echoes from the Ocean (released April 21, 1999)

Queen of the Ocean

Lana Lane - Queen of the Ocean (released January 21, 1999)

Ballad Collection

Lana Lane - Ballad Collection (released November 21, 1998)

Neil Citron

Neil Citron - Guitar Dreams (released September 21, 1998)

Earth Below

Rocket Scientists - Earth Below and Sky Above (released August 21, 1998)

Live in Japan

Lana Lane - Live in Japan (released July 21, 1998)

Echoes from the Garden

Lana Lane - Echoes from the Garden (released April 21, 1998)

Garden of the Moon

Lana Lane - Garden of the Moon (released February 21, 1998)


Erik Norlander - Threshold (released May 21, 1997)

Taiho Yamada

Taiho Yamada - Stages (released November 21, 1996)

Curious Goods

Lana Lane - Curious Goods (released November 25, 1996)

Brutal Architecture

Rocket Scientists - Brutal Architecture (released November 21, 1995)

Love is an Illusion

Lana Lane - Love is an Illusion (originally released in the USA on January 20, 1995
-- the "1998 Version" (remixed w/bonus tracks) was released in Japan August 21, 1998
-- a reissue of the original 1995 version was released in Japan on April 21, 2000)


Rocket Scientists - Earthbound (released January 20, 1993)

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