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Mark McCrite - Getting to the Point

Mark McCrite Proudly Announces Debut Solo CD

(Los Angeles, 10 May 2000) What happens when an avid Beatles fan plays in a successful progressive rock band for 10 years? He accumulates a collection of complex & moody, yet hook-oriented pop songs and crafts a solo record out of the material that isn't quite prog enough for the band. This is the story behind "Getting to the Point" - the debut solo CD from Mark McCrite.

With inspiration ranging from Paul McCartney to Toy Matinee, Crowded House to King Crimson, the Moody Blues to James Bond scores - the record is indeed an odyssey. "Every project I've been involved with in the last 15 years has been a little bit me and a lot of influence from other people," muses McCrite. "I have always wanted to make a very specific kind of music and you will find exactly that on this record - no more and no less." The CD is definitely more pop than progressive, but the melodic prog influences are always lurking in the background. The record features nine McCrite originals and a spirited cover of "Love is Only Sleeping" by the Monkees.

Mark has made a career of bringing a strong pop influence to progressive rock - both as singer/songwriter/guitarist in the prog band Rocket Scientists and as a sideman to symphonic rock vocalist Lana Lane.

Described by critics as "King Crimson or ELP meets the Beatles," Rocket Scientists has released three studio CDs and a live CD from their 1998 European tour. All have received widespread critical acclaim within the prog community. He has been featured on nine of Lana Lane's ten successful Japanese releases since 1995. His Zeppelin-esque composition "Queen of the Ocean" was the title track for her 1999 release. To quote McCrite, "People too often forget about the heart of the songs in progressive music. While Yes, King Crimson and Genesis may be known and revered for their long, sprawling epic numbers - there is always a strongly focused songwriting ethic behind the most lasting work by these bands. This record is an attempt to bring some of the complexity & atmosphere of progressive music to the art of the pop song without making it sound progressive."

Assisting McCrite on the CD are drummer Tommy Amato from Rocket Scientists and veteran pop bassist Derrick Anderson, who plays in the bands Chewy Marble & the Andersons among others. Also making appearances are keyboardists Dave Kerzner from Kevin Gilbert's "Thud" band and Vince DiCola from the prog band "Thread," among others. There are no synthesizer sounds on the CD and there is a definite emphasis on vintage instruments - Martin, Danelectro and Silvertone guitars, dobro, Vox amps, Wurlitzer electric piano, Mellotron, piano and harmonium are the prominent elements that figure on the CD.

The record was mixed by Travis Dickerson, who has recorded and mixed an eclectic variety of acts such as X, The Plimsouls, Steve Wynne, The Negro Problem, Eliza Gilkyson, Buckethead and Linda Ronstadt. This is definitely a pro production - it was over three years in the making and nothing was compromised during the recording process. Although recorded and mixed entirely digitally, the mastering process was entirely analog because "it just felt right!"


CD Tracks:

1. Can You Feel This? (M. McCrite) 3:00
2. The Truth (M. McCrite) 2:40
3. Closing the Door (M. McCrite/T. McCrite/P. Meyer) 4:14
4. Slip Away (M. McCrite) 4:43
5. Love is Only Sleeping (B. Mann/C. Weil) 3:30
6. Getting to the Point (M. McCrite) 4:03
7. Strange Fortune (M. McCrite) 5:43
8. They Say... (M. McCrite/T. McCrite) 3:56
9. Sad Man's Song (M. McCrite) 2:54
10. So Long (M. McCrite/T. McCrite) 6:49

Produced by Mark McCrite for Vermiscious Music
Distributed by Think Tank Media
No foreign or alternate versions of the album are planned -- this is the definitive release.

Be sure to check out the releases from Mark's band, Rocket Scientists, as well as his work with vocal icon Lana Lane and fellow Rocket Scientist, Erik Norlander.

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