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Lana Lane - Winter Sessions
     1. What a World
     2. Spirit of the Gypsy
     3. A Whiter Shade of Pale
     4. December Moon
     5. I'll Be Seeing You
     6. Carnivale (Let It Rain)
     7. Carry Me Home
     8. Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good)
     9. California Dreamin'
     10. Winter Song
     11. Terminus Pro Tempore
     CD Total Running Time ...



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Iconic symphonic rock vocalist announces spectacular new album

(Los Angeles, 1 November 2003) Following her acclaimed 2002 releases, Project Shangri-La and Covers Collection, Lana Lane continues in her tradition of masterful studio albums with her 2003 release, Winter Sessions, a bold new project containing both original material and select cover songs. After returning from a European Tour in the summer of 2003, Lana began recording a new set of songs all based on winter themes. With the production direction of husband and keyboardist virtuoso, Erik Norlander, Lana set out to create a very melancholy, moody and atmospheric album in high contrast to her other recent releases which have tended to be more in a hard rock / heavy metal direction. While clearly a fan of rock and metal, Lana also loves music with deeper melodic and harmonic content -- music with complex chord progressions and elaborate orchestral-style arrangements. This is the direction of Winter Sessions.

The arrangement style of Winter Sessions is not unlike many of the classic 70s productions from Supertramp, ELO and The Alan Parsons Project where acoustic instruments and spacious room sounds intermingle with electric guitars and synthesizers in a series of audiophile wonders. In addition to the obvious acoustic guitars, piano and percussion, Winter Sessions also features stellar woodwind performances from Delaware-based artist David Schiff, the brother of long time Lana Lane and Rocket Scientists Stick player Don Schiff. And speaking of the Stick, Don Schiff's full-range NS/Stick performances on Winter Sessions are truly breathtaking, combining the feel of classic Fender Precision bass with the deep tones of tenor guitar, all the while still feeling new and innovative due to Don's stunning technique on this very rare and unique instrument. Lana's love of jazz standards comes through on Winter Sessions as well, with two breathtaking recordings of the classics, "I'll Be Seeing You" and "Ill Wind", brought into the 21st Century courtesy of the fabulous Schiff brothers and drummer extraordinaire Gregg Bissonette. Gregg's legendary drumming has become a familar sound in the Think Tank Media studios over the last couple of years with notable appearances on the CDs, Lana Lane - Covers Collection and Erik Norlander - Music Machine.

Erik Norlander's highly identifiable keyboard work is omnipresent on the album from commanding piano passages to shimmering Mellotron orchestras to blazing Hammond organ and Modular Moog analog synthesizer leads. Following in the footsteps of his epic Music Machine rock opera, Erik's keyboard work on Winter Sessions is nothing short of masterful. Erik's moving Hammond organ rendition of the Procol Harum classic, "A Whiter Shade of Pale" is particularly notable. And no Lana Lane album would be complete without a trio of world-class guitarists, blending styles and sounds to create the ultimate six-string orchestra. Veteran Lana Lane guitarist Neil Citron returns once again soloing with a grace and fluidity seldom heard in the modern guitar world. Neil's every note, every bend, every turn of vibrato brings added dimension to the deep Winter Sessions production. Rocket Scientists guitarist and vocalist Mark McCrite brings his high professional glow of acoustic guitar brilliance and melodic lead majesty to the album with purpose and authority. And the dense harmony vocal blend of Mark and Lana together is a well-known and immediately identifiable sound appearing on this album once more. Lastly, Winter Sessions marks the first Lana Lane studio appearance of Dutch master Peer Verschuren, the principle guitarist on Erik Norlander's Music Machine album released earlier in 2003. Peer has done two tours with Lana Lane, but due to logistical obstacles (not the least of which was the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks) has not recorded with Lana until now. Peer's speed and accuracy are truly something to behold, and all the while he retains the emotion is playing unlike so many modern shredder kids.

And even above this brilliant collection of instrumentalists, what stands out the most on Winter Sessions is the legendary voice of singer Lana Lane. Lana's voice has the rare combination of passion, power and intimacy that is seldom heard from artists female or male. The elusive ability to emotionally deliver a lyric while maintaining accurate pitch and pleasing tone is part of the magic of Lana Lane. Not a screamer nor a whiner, Lana's vocals traverse the range of human emotions from sorrow to triumph and all that fall in between. Fronting an ensemble of the world's finest musicians and performing a songbook of old and new classics, Lana Lane delivers a powerful listening experience with Winter Sessions. Don't miss it!

Lana Lane - Winter Sessions contributing musicians:

LANA LANE: lead and harmony vocals
ERIK NORLANDER: keyboards, additional bass, guitar, backing vocals

MARK McCRITE: acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel, harmony vocals
NEIL CITRON: lead guitars
PEER VERSCHUREN: lead and rhythm guitars
DAVID SCHIFF: flute, oboe, tenor and alto saxophones
GREGG BISSONETTE: drums and percussion

Lana Lane Winter Sessions Promo Photo

from the 2003 CD Lana Lane - Winter Sessions:


After six studio albums, two ballad collections, one covers collection, two EPs, two tour CDs, many singles and specialty releases, a live album, several reissues and guest appearances too numerous to count ... what does a great artist like Lana Lane do next? The answer is obvious ... keep on going!

This album is a snapshot of several months of the life of Lana Lane and many of the great musicians that surround her. The recordings have a more moody and dreamlike quality than previous studio albums such as Project Shangri-La and Secrets of Astrology, but they are also quite energized at the same time -- nothing sleepy or dreary here. While Winter Sessions contains some of the most beautiful ballads Lana has released to date, this is not merely another ballad collection. Rather, it is a wholly new studio album, complete with songs ranging from epic orchestral ballads such as "What a World" and "Carnivale" to uptempo rockers like "December Moon" and "Carry Me Home". But it is not a studio album like any Lana has released before. Winter Sessions is a concept album about ... well ... winter! And it's not about just the months of December through March, rather, the concept of winter is explored metaphorically as well. Many of the songs describe endings: endings of life, endings of relationships, endings of seasons. But often endings bring new beginnings, and so their is a bright and hopeful quality to many of the songs. Just as the season of winter ends each calendar year, so again does it begin a new one. That spirit can be heard in many of the songs on Winter Sessions.

The album employs an impressive list of musicians, and this roster surely gives Winter Sessions its unique and beautiful sound and atmosphere. We had begun working with drummer Gregg Bissonette at the very end of the Project Shangri-La album where he played on the John Wetton song, "I Believe in You", the bonus track to the Japanese edition and later also released on our 2003 European Tour CD. We went to work with Gregg extensively on last year's Covers Collection, and Gregg also played on many tracks of my 2003 rock opera, Music Machine. With impeccable time and tremendous versatility, Gregg's drumming adds a deep dimension to the Lana Lane sound. And like all of the musicians on this album, he is truly a joy to work with.

Don Schiff continues his extensive string of Lana Lane appearances here, and perhaps this is Don's most significant work with us yet. Not to minimize Don's past appearances, but this time Don has really spread his wings by bringing out many different facets of the gem that is the NS/Stick. While he has acted primarily as a rock-solid bassist on past projects, on Winter Sessions, Don truly played this very unique NS/Stick instrument to its full potential. Not restricted to just bass lines this time, Don also played many guitar and piano-like arpeggios, chord comps and melodic leads which come through particularly clearly on the two jazz standards, "I'll Be Seeing You" and "Ill Wind".

Speaking of jazz standards, what also really brings these venerable songs alive is the stunning saxophone work of Don's brother, David Schiff. Dave's beautiful sense of melody and deep understanding of harmony are clearly evidenced in his performances throughout not only the jazz tracks, but throughout the entire album. And as any professional sax player would, Dave doubles ably on flute and oboe. Dave's flute track on "What a World" really captures the spirit of this very melancholy song, and then contrastingly, his flute solo on "California Dreaming" evokes memories of the original 60s version while bringing something new and fresh to our cover version. Dave's emotional oboe track on "Carnivale" also is an essential part of that song. I believe the oboe really sets not only the mood for the song, but also sets a visual stage for the story of a traveling circus fallen on hard times.

Somehow we can't just use one guitar player. I don't know why this is -- we know so many great ones, it seems that it would easy to just call one guy and have him do everything on the record. But maybe that is precisely the reason why we do bring in so many guitarists. When I'm doing pre-production, I'll think to myself, "Oh, Neil will solo perfectly over these changes", or perhaps "I'm definitely counting on Mark's 12-string acoustic here", or "This one surely needs Peer's heavy rhythm work and some of his trademark harmony soloing". As Lana's "Carnivale" song says, "So it goes, it's on with the show!", and each of these fabulous guitarists are brought in to lend their specialties to the recording. The result, I believe, is a a multi-dimensional sound and atmosphere that one musician could not create alone. And by now, you have surely figured out from this essay that this is indeed the deep quality we were after for this project. So get ready for a journey into a vast landscape and join us for the Lana Lane - Winter Sessions!

Erik Norlander
Los Angeles, October 2003


Lana Lane - Winter Sessions track list with musician and songwriter credits:

1. WHAT A WORLD [5:03]
Music and lyrics by Lana Lane

Lana Lane - lead vocal
Erik Norlander - piano, Mellotron strings, cello and choir, Modular Moog synthesizer, Roland JX8P synthesizer

Neil Citron - lead guitar (second solo)

David Schiff - flute

Don Schiff - NS/Stick bass and top side (first "theme" solo and arpeggios)

Gregg Bissonette - drums and percussion


Music and lyrics by Lana Lane

Lana Lane - lead and harmony vocals
Erik Norlander - piano, Hammond organ, Mellotron strings, flute, cello and choir, Modular Moog synthesizer

Neil Citron - talkbox guitar solos

Mark McCrite - acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, lap steel guitar (lines and solos)

David Schiff - tenor sax

Don Schiff - NS/Stick bass

Gregg Bissonette - drums and percussion


Music by Gary Brooker, lyrics by Keith Reid

Lana Lane - lead vocal
Erik Norlander - Hammond organ

Don Schiff - NS/Stick bass and top side (arpeggios)

Gregg Bissonette - drums


 4. DECEMBER MOON [6:06]
Music and lyrics by Erik Norlander

Lana Lane - lead and harmony vocals
Erik Norlander - Modular Moog synthesizer (solos and bass), Hammond organ, Alesis A6 Andromeda synthesizer, Roland JX8P synthesizer, Synclavier strings, ARP String Ensemble, clean rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Peer Verschuren - heavy rhythm guitars, all lead guitars

Gregg Bissonette - drums


5. I'LL BE SEEING YOU [4:04]
By Irving Kahal and Sammy Fain

Lana Lane - lead vocal
Erik Norlander - Hammond organ

Neil Citron - guitar solo

David Schiff - tenor sax

Don Schiff - NS/Stick bass and top side (arpeggios and chords)

Gregg Bissonette - drums  

6. CARNIVALE (Let it Rain) [6:20]
Music and lyrics by Lana Lane

Lana Lane - lead vocal
Erik Norlander - piano, Mellotron strings and cello, Synclavier strings, clean rhythm guitar

Neil Citron - lead guitar (guitar solo in middle of song, leads throughout, first outtro solo)

Peer Verschuren - heavy rhythm guitar, lead guitar (second outtro solo)

David Schiff - oboe

Don Schiff - NS/Stick bass and top side (chords and arpeggios)

Gregg Bissonette - drums and percussion



7. CARRY ME HOME [5:33]
Music by Erik Norlander and Mark McCrite, lyrics by Erik Norlander

Lana Lane - lead vocal
Erik Norlander - piano, Mellotron cello, clavinet, Modular Moog synthesizer, octave vocals

Mark McCrite - 6 and 12 string guitars, first guitar solo, all harmony vocals

Peer Verschuren - second guitar solo, outtro guitar solos

Don Schiff - NS/Stick bass and top side (first solo and arpeggios)

Gregg Bissonette - drums and percussion



8. ILL WIND (You're Blowin' Me No Good) [4:24]
By Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler

Lana Lane - lead vocal
Erik Norlander - Mellotron strings

David Schiff - tenor sax

Don Schiff - NS/Stick bass and top side (chords and arpeggios)

Gregg Bissonette - drums





Music and lyrics by John Phillips and Michelle Gilliam

Lana Lane - lead vocal
Erik Norlander - harpsichord, clavinet, Mellotron strings, Modular Moog bass

Mark McCrite - acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, all harmony vocals

David Schiff - flute, alto and tenor sax

Gregg Bissonette - drums and percussion



10. WINTER SONG [5:02]
Music and lyrics by Erik Norlander

Lana Lane - lead and backing vocals
Erik Norlander - piano, Mellotron strings, Modular Moog synthesizer (second solo), Roland JX8P synthesizer (pad and first solo), Fender Precision Bass, backing vocals

Gregg Bissonette - drums



Music by Erik Norlander

Lana Lane - lead vocal
Erik Norlander - Modular Moog synthesizer (solos and bass), Alesis A6 Andromeda synthesizer, Roland JX8P synthesizer, clean rhythm guitar

Peer Verschuren - heavy rhythm guitars, all lead guitars

Gregg Bissonette - drums



for Think Tank Media USA


Total running time . . . 59:30

Lana Lane - Winter Sessions release dates:

Japan: November 21, 2003 on the Avalon label
North America: December 1, 2003 on Think Tank Media, USA
Europe: The USA version will be exported to European distributors in December, 2003. No European pressing is planned at this time.

All versions contain the identical track listing - there are no bonus tracks on any edition. :-)

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