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Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective
     1. The Dream That Never Ends
     2. Someone to Believe
     3. Our Time Now
     4. Summon the Devil
     5. No Tomorrow
     6. Shine On Golden Sun
     7. The Vision
     8. Keeper of the Flame
     9. We Had the World
     10. Dunsinane Walls



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Iconic vocalist begins her 10th Anniversary year with new studio masterpiece

(Los Angeles, 3 February 2005) Marking the 10th Anniversary of her first CD, Lana Lane will release a new studio album in March / April 2005 entitled "Lady Macbeth", a heavy symphonic rock concept album based on the famous "Macbeth" play by vanguard English poet, William Shakespeare. The album tells the "Macbeth" story from the perspective of the famously sinister Lady Macbeth, one of literature's darkest female figures. The Lana Lane interpretation is at the same time sympathetic and ominous, full of emotion and passion.

Producer / keyboardist Erik Norlander recorded the Lady Macbeth album in two stages, one in Europe and the other in the United States. Following their return from Russia in the winter of 2004, Norlander recorded the Lana Lane European touring musicians in Schiedam, The Netherlands: virtuosos Peer Verschuren on guitar and Ernst Van Ee on drums, along with newcomer to the Lana Lane family, Swedish bassist Kristoffer Gildenlöw coming from the excellent prog metal band, Pain of Salvation.

Norlander returned to California just before Christmas, 2004, to record the familiar cast of American contributors to the Lana Lane project: Mark McCrite (guitar, vocals), Neil Citron (guitar) and Don Schiff (NS/Stick). Norlander also recruited the star vocalist from his solo albums, Kelly Keeling, to contribute stunning harmony vocals to the album. The result is a strong Euro - American feel that takes influences from across the musical spectrum and from around the globe. This lush and rich sound provides the perfect backing for Lana's passionately powerful vocals. Lana's stellar vocal stylings, her incredible range and versatility, are unmatched in the current rock scene, and she proudly continues to indisputably own the title, "The Queen of Symphonic Rock".

Lana is famous for stretching herself stylistically. In the three years since her last traditional studio album, "Project Shangri-La", Lana has released her "Covers Collection" and "Winter Sessions" albums, the latter of which even ventured into the jazz world with covers of some classic standards along with the usual atmospheric rockers. 2004 saw two paramount live releases, "Storybook", Lana's first DVD, and "Return to Japan", a massive 2CD live release documenting Lana's tours in Japan following her first live 1998 release, "Live in Japan". All of these titles were tremendously successful commercially and were warmly embraced by Lana's fans. But the fans and press also have been waiting for another heavy symphonic album, one to follow up not only "Project Shangri-La", but also Lana's 2000 prog metal opus, "Secrets of Astrology". Now the waiting is over. "Lady Macbeth" returns Lana to the great heavy symphonic sound for which she is perhaps most known.

"Lady Macbeth" is the powerful album from Lana Lane yet, and after 10 years with more than 20 releases, that is a powerful statement on its own. Witness the majesty, the grandeur and the passion of the new Lana Lane masterpiece. Witness "Lady Macbeth"!

Lana Lane - Lady Macbeth contributing musicians:

LANA LANE - lead and harmony vocals
ERIK NORLANDER - keyboards

PEER VERSCHUREN - lead and rhythm guitar
MARK McCRITE - acoustic and electric guitars, harmony vocals
NEIL CITRON - lead guitars, mandolin
KRISTOFFER GILDENLÖW - fretless and fretted basses
ERNST VAN EE - drums
KELLY KEELING - harmony vocals

Produced by Erik Norlander for Think Tank Media, USA

Lana Lane - Lady Macbeth Promo Photo

Lana Lane - Lady Macbeth release dates:

Japan: 22 March 2005 on the Avalon label
North America: 5 April 2005 on Think Tank Media

Europe: 25 April, 2005 on Frontiers Records

All versions contain the identical track listing - there are no bonus tracks on any edition. :-)

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