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Lana Lane - Gemini album cover

Symphonic rock icon celebrates the winter season with a new covers release

(Los Angeles, 20 October 2006) Symphonic rock vocalist Lana Lane has just completed a new, stylized covers albums for release this winter entitled Gemini. It has been a tradition in Japan for Lana to release a "specialty album" every two years. Lana, along with producer / keyboardist / husband Erik Norlander, started with the Lana Lane Ballad Collection in 1998, then continued with Ballad Collection 2 (2000), Covers Collection (2002) and Winter Sessions (2004). Now for 2006, Lana continues this excellent tradition for the winter season with Gemini.

Gemini is an album of classic rock covers from the 60s and 70s featuring the backing musicians Vinny Appice (d), Tony Franklin (b), George Lynch (g), Mark McCrite (g, v) and Erik Norlander (k) along with Kelly Keeling providing additional duet and harmony vocals. Gemini is the astrological symbol for twins, and since this is Lana's second album of all covers, the album carries the theme of "two" throughout. Lana recorded two songs by each classic rock artist for this release: a pair of songs each originally recorded by Cream, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Heart, Jefferson Airplane and Foreigner. Of particular note is Lana's "Pink Moon Suite" that combines the song "Johnny Moon" -- originally recorded by Heart -- with songs from most of "side one" of Pink Floyd's landmark "Dark Side of the Moon" album.

And continuing the theme of twos ... this album is being released simultaneously with Erik Norlander - Hommage Symphonique, a collection of progressive rock and jazz - fusion songs.

Lana Lane - Gemini Track Listing - click on names for mp3 previews (cool!)

1. White Room [4:58]
this song was originally recorded by Cream

2. White Rabbit [2:25]
this song was originally recorded by Jefferson Airplane

3. Long Long Way From Home [3:30]
this song was originally recorded by Foreigner

4. You Can Never Go Home [6:02]
this song was originally recorded by The Moody Blues


"Pink Moon Suite" :

5. Breathe Introduction [1:15]
this song was originally recorded by Pink Floyd

6. Johnny Moon [3:01]
this song was originally recorded by Heart

7. Breathe in the Air [1:45]
On the Run [2:05]
Time [5:21]
Breathe Reprise [1:25]
songs 7-10 were originally recorded by Pink Floyd


11. Dream of the Archer [4:19]
this song was originally recorded by Heart

12. Starrider [5:27]
this song was originally recorded by Foreigner

13. Sunshine Of Your Love [4:55]
this song was originally recorded by Cream

14. Wooden Ships [4:31]
this song was originally recorded by Jefferson Airplane
along with a simultaneous version by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

15. Nights in White Satin [5:19]
this song was originally recorded by The Moody Blues

total running time . . . 56:45

Lana Lane - Gemini promo photo


Lana Lane - Gemini
contributing musicians:

LANA LANE - lead and harmony vocals
ERIK NORLANDER - keyboards


TONY FRANKLIN - fretless bass
GEORGE LYNCH - lead and rhythm guitars
MARK McCRITE - acoustic and electric guitars, harmony vocals
KELLY KEELING - duet and harmony vocals

Produced by Erik Norlander for Think Tank Media, USA

Release Dates:

Japan: November 23, 2006 on the Avalon label

USA / Europe: January 30, 2007 on the Think Tank Media label distributed by ProgRock Records
Advance sales available now!

All releases contain the identical track listing -- there are no bonus tracks on any edition. Don't overpay for imports! :-)



Trademark of Quality
By Rev. Keith A Gordon

...Lane and crew reinvent these songs, from the ground up, discovering the grain of truth at the core of each and building a new, different, and sometimes better version of the song....Gemini is a sparkling example of the talents of this incredible husband and wife team, and a fine introduction to one of the best vocalists that you'll ever experience...


Dead Earnest
By Andy Garibaldi

The album ends with the Moody Blues' "Nights In White Satin", performed just as you'd imagine, and bringing things to a predictably proggy conclusion, but, it has to be said, sounding a whole lot stronger than the original ever did, in the capable hands of Lana Lane's richly textured, soaring beauty of a vocal and, for a song I've always disliked with a passion, the first time I've ever heard a version of it that I'd want to hear a few times more ... one stone cold stunner of an album and a thing to be treasured.


By Paul Jerome Smith

This new release by the extremely versatile Lana Lane is an album of classic rock covers from the 1960s and 1970s all familiar songs to me and in some cases held so dear that I could not imagine anybody managing to impress me with their interpretations. So how has Lana Lane fared? My conclusion is to say very successfully on the whole. This is another classy album for aficionados of Lana Lane to add to their collections.


Womens Rising

It takes a lot of moxie and talent to cover bands like Pink Floyd, Cream, The Moody Blues, Jefferson Airplane; and that's exactly what Lana Lane has, plenty of both. Her new album, Gemini, is resplendent; sizzling with new life breathed into fourteen of rock's most classic compositions....


Hot New Reviews

All performed very well and surely a must-hear for any LANA LANE fan, whom are spoiled with so many releases of one of the greatest female singers of the past 2 decades!


Music Morsels
By Mark Waterbury

This wonderful cover collection of mostly classic rock staples shines a bright spotlight on the melodic, subtly powerful vocal stylings of prog diva Lana Lane.


By Pedro

This is a great tribute to some wonderful bands, played by one of the best female vocalists in the rockscene today.


Progressive World
By Marcel Haster

If you are a fan of Lana Lane, you simply must add this album to your collection. If you are not familiar with her music, Gemini is a good place to start and then you can discover what a wonderful singer Lana Lane is.


Sea of Tranquility
By Pete Pardo

Gemini is a fun listen, and it's nice to hear musicians recording a covers album simply for the love of the music, without the premise of big dollar signs attached to it.


Hard Rock Haven
By Kim Shockley

...Lana Lane has brought us great alternative to the same old, same old. This album works, complete with rocking guitars, an exquisite symphonic sound, and the mystically provocative voice of the queen of covers, Lana Lane.


By Jerry Lucky

...With such a huge following in Japan and Europe Lana Lane's Gemini hardly needs any kind of sales pitch. Suffice to say Gemini will find pride-of-place on the CD shelves of Lana Lane fans everywhere while they wait for her next release of new material..


Rock Is Life
By George Dionne

...all of Lana's beautiful melodies have followed her to this colorful venture. Sit back, put your feet up, and breathe in the serenity.


Dutch Progressive Rock Pages
By Louis Koot

....Whatever you think of cover albums the overall musical quality here stands without dispute...I don't really have a problem with the 'tradition' of the American couple when it results in this kind of quality!


Harder Beat
By Andy Laudano

Highlights include Foreigner's "Starrider," Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love," The Moody Blues' "Nights in White Satin" and the amazing "Pink Moon Suite," which combines Heart's Johnny Moon with side one of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.


The Doorway
By The Doorway Master

This a great Cover album by Lana Lane with numbers from Cream, Pink Floyd, The Moody Blues, Heart, Jefferson Airplane and Foreigner.


By Tommy Hash

Like her 2002 release, the Covers Collection ,Lana Lane continues to pay homage to rock and roll classics, but this time, the tracks are in a more tight knit group of bands...From Foreigner to Heart, from Pink Floyd to Jefferson Airplane ("White Rabbit" & "Wooden Ships"), from the Moody Blues to Cream; Lana Lane again brings her own voice to rock staples.


Music Street Journal
By Gary Hill

Lane and Norlander fans should certainly enjoy this CD. I'd have to say that fans of classic hard rock and prog should also find plenty to like.


Piercing Metal
By Ken Pierce

This CD is a recommendation for any fan of female fronted Metal and Hard Rock, as Lane does NOT sing in the growling style or super operatic fashion on this album. It allows her to stand apart from the bands that have that type of musician fronting their band. Lana's voice is pure, melodic and excellent. This is a fun recording to listen to and while I plan on digging into her back catalog some more, I cannot wait for the next round of covers she brings to the table.


by Gabor Fabian

...All performed very well and surely a must-hear for any LANA LANE fan, whom are spoiled with so many releases of one of the greatest female singers of the past 2 decades!


Raised On Rock
By Mark O'Neill

Talk about a voice, this girl can outsing Grace Slick while doing an arrangement of "White Rabbit" in a way that Evanescence would attempt to do it. This is a cd of covers, but it's not the run of the mill, tacky covers album.


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