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Lana Lane - Secrets of Astrology

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The Queen of Symphonic Rock Releases Fifth Studio Album

(Los Angeles, 4 April 2000) Continuing in her established tradition of dramatic and powerful art rock releases, worldwide acclaimed symphonic rock artist Lana Lane announces her fifth and finest work to date, SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY. The album features a new lineup of predominately European musicians who bring the Lana Lane sound to a new high. The sound is expansive and atmospheric, suitably heavy, and even orchestral at times through the use live strings which supplement the symphonic rock sound.

Lana's trademark soaring vocals lead the album supported by lush arrangements full of majesty and authority. Lana's vocals have been described as "angelic", "powerful", even "sorrowful". Indeed her unique lyrical vocal style is able to dramatically traverse extreme ranges from intimate ballads to bone crushing rockers. It is this rare blend of melody and energy that gives Lana Lane such a fantastically memorable sound. SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY achieves a new level of brilliant dynamics allowing Lana to soar higher than ever before.

After four studio albums, two EP mini-albums, a live album, a ballad collection and even a "Best Of" release, Lana was ready to break new ground and open a new chapter in her career. She had worked with essentially the same group of American musicians for all of these prior releases and covered a lot of musical ground. But all good things must come to an end, and all limits are eventually reached. Lana and producer / husband Erik Norlander felt that it was time to push the music further than ever before, and that push required some drastic changes. Lana Lane needed new blood.

Aside from Lana and Erik themselves, the only recurring musician from the past Lana Lane albums is fretless bass master Tony Franklin. Tony heard some of the SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY material and really loved it. Erik had helped Tony with some digital editing for Tony's solo album and heard some of Tony's great acoustic guitar work. Immediately upon hearing Tony's acoustic tracks, Erik said to him "Well Tony, there's only one problem here. Now you're going to have play acoustic on Lana's album as well." Tony was happy to oblige. In fact, Tony enjoyed the music so much, he also contributed harmony vocals and even percussion tracks to the album. Naturally Tony also plays his trademark distorted fretless bass on SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY. To quote engineer Oscar Holleman, "He is a very violent bass player". Of course Oscar meant that as a compliment...

Basic tracks for SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY were recorded at RS29 in The Netherlands with the known heavy rock engineer Oscar Holleman. The clear but heavy sound that Oscar offered was again perfect for the vision of Lana and Erik. After completing the drum and initial guitar tracks, Lana and Erik returned to Los Angeles with the master tapes where they added the vocals, keyboards, bass, percussion and the rest of the guitars.

After six weeks of tracking in Los Angeles, Erik returned to The Netherlands to mix SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY with Oscar Holleman at RS29. Following the mix, Erik took the album to the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London for mastering. The combination of Abbey Road's custom - built vintage EMI console and the modern heavy sound of Holleman's RS29 blended perfectly.

With the noticeable changes in musicians and production, Lana wanted to reflect this change in the album's artwork. Although Lana Lane had used the work of Polish artist Jacek Yerka for her previous nine releases, this time she chose a painting by the American surrealist Michael Parkes. Lana's idea was to use a new painter to represent a new sound. The Michael Parkes cover art is compelling and evocative. It represents the album well, both musically and conceptually.

With a new team of master class musicians from around the world, Lana Lane is boldly marching into the next chapter of her career. Unwilling to stagnate or recycle old ideas, Lana proves once again that she is the Queen of Symphonic Rock by bringing forth her most dramatic and delightful vision yet in SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY.



Due to the politics of the international record business, various editions of the SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY album exist. The Japanese version contains the bonus track "Romeo and Juliet", a song recorded during the SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY sessions. The European version contains the bonus track "Rhapsody", a song recorded during the QUEEN OF THE OCEAN sessions. The Japanese booklet is in color throughout while the European version is black and white insde.

The Think Tank Media (USA) version of SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY, offered here, contains the identical track listing as the Japanese version along with a full - color booklet including new photos and new 2005 liner notes by producer Erik Norlander which are included in any other edition of the CD.

Standard CD Tracks (with author):

1. Astrology Prelude (Norlander)
2. Secrets of Astrology (Norlander)
3. Alexandria (Lane)
4. Raining (Norlander)
5. The Bell (Lane/Norlander)
6. Speed of Sound (Norlander)
7. Under the Sun (Norlander)
8. Tarot (Lane/Norlander)
9. Asherah (Norlaner)
10. Guardian Angel (McCrite/Lane/Norlander)
11. Long Winter Dreams (Norlander)
12. Astrology Postlude (Norlander)

USA / Japanese version bonus track:

13. Romeo and Juliet (Lane/Norlander)

Produced by Erik Norlander for Think Tank Media

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