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(Los Angeles, 17 May 2002) Think Tank Media proudly announces its release of the LANA LANE - GARDEN OF THE MOON SPECIAL EDITION, a double CD re-issue of Lana's third album originally released in 1998 in Japan and Europe along with a second disc of 10 bonus songs from this era including tracks from the Japanese EPs 'Echoes from the Garden' (1998) and 'Echoes from the Ocean' (1999).

The Pseudonym Records label (Holland) has released this title in Europe. Think Tank Media issues the title in a Slimline 2CD jewel case, Pseudonym issues it in the thicker double CD case. Other than that, the versions are identical.

original 1998 press release:

Third Album from Los Angeles Symphonic Rock Artist

(Los Angeles, California 5 January 1998) Internationally reknowned vocalist Lana Lane once again steps into the limelight with her forthcoming release GARDEN OF THE MOON. Eagerly anticipated in Europe, Japan and the United States, Lane's third release issues a powerful statement of melody, atmosphere, style and color.

Following its predecessors LOVE IS AN ILLUSION and CURIOUS GOODS, GARDEN OF THE MOON showcases Lana Lane's trademark soaring vocals which have been described as "clear, sweet and expressive", "sorrowful", "dramatic" and "angelic". Lane's influences combine 70's rock greats with Jazz and Big Band singers, resulting in a unique style rich from decades of musical adventure.

GARDEN OF THE MOON takes the most memorable elements from Lane's first two releases, synthesizing the best aspects of each album. LOVE IS AN ILLUSION was an HR/HM phenomenon, while CURIOUS GOODS won the hearts of the progressive and art rock fans. GARDEN OF THE MOON speaks to both camps with lush, symphonic arrangements of tracks such as "Seasons" and also with powerful, heavy rock anthems such as "Evolution Revolution".

GARDEN OF THE MOON features songs written by Lane along with several collaborators. Lane wrote tracks for the first time with Chapman Stick player Don Schiff (Rocket Scientists). The songs "Seasons" and "Eternal Waters" are evidence of this brilliant union of creative minds. Schiff previously wrote the songs "Cold Outside" (Love is an Illusion album) and "Take a Breath" (Curious Goods album) which were co-written with vocalist Tully Winfield. In keeping with tradition, the Schiff / Winfield team wrote a new track for GARDEN OF THE MOON entitled "Under the Olive Tree", which features the writing team's trademark memorable choruses and haunting melodies.

Lane also collaborated with longtime friend, female rock guitarist Danelle Kern, who plays the thunderous chainsaw rhythm guitar on GARDEN OF THE MOON. Together they penned the martial yet ethereal song "Moongarden", which contains the lyric that became the album's title. Virtuoso guitarist Neil Citron returns from the CURIOUS GOODS album to contribute stunning lead guitar parts to the album as well, adding his identifying angularly melodic touch.

Los Angeles prog rockers ROCKET SCIENTISTS make up the rest of the band on GARDEN OF THE MOON. Drummer Tommy Amato, who played on both LOVE IS AN ILLUSION and CURIOUS GOODS, drives the rhythm section with fire and brimstone pyrotechnics. Don Schiff plays Chapman Stick on the record, creating undulating bass lines and crystalline guitar - like arpeggios with this unique instrument. ROCKET SCIENTISTS frontman Mark McCrite contributes acoustic and electric guitars to GARDEN OF THE MOON along with his stellar background harmony vocals. GARDEN OF THE MOON is produced by keyboardist Erik Norlander, who also wrote and co-wrote several of the songs. Cover art is again provided by Polish artists Jacek Yerka, who painted the incredible covers for LOVE IS AN ILLUSION and CURIOUS GOODS.

NOTES FROM THE PRODUCER'S DESK (from the booklet of the Special Edition)

It is said in the record industry that it takes three albums to break an artist. Garden of the Moon is certainly a testament to that statement. This was a landmark album for Lana Lane - an album that, in fact, literally changed our lives. Lana's 1995 debut album, Love is an Illusion, was a fairly commerical hard rock album, while her 1996 follow up, Curious Goods, was a much more experimental and progressive album. The best elements of these first two releases came together beautifully in Garden of Moon.

One of the most noticeable aspects of Garden of the Moon is the consistent usage of three unique guitarists throughout the album. In theory this may seem excessive, but in practice it worked extremely well. The lead and solo work was handled by Neil Citron, whose fluidly melodic yet still quite aggressive work on the previous album, Curious Goods, gave that album its own specific sound. Garden of the Moon's heavy rhythm work was handled by Danelle Kern, a harder-edged player whose metal background provided the sonic weight and rhythmic pull so omnipresent on this album. Lastly, Mark McCrite, of the Los Angeles prog outfit Rocket Scientists, played contrastingly shimmering acoustic guitar along with occasional electric leads. This guitar orchestra had little overlap, and the combination of these three distinct personalities made for a thoroughly lush production.

Throughout Garden of the Moon you will hear Chapman Stick artist Don Schiff covering the bass guitar parts on this unique instrument. It was perhaps a bit risky to employ such a progressive instrument on an album as melodic as this one, but I believe the result was a success in the end. On Disc Two you will hear several tracks featuring fretless bass virtuoso Tony Franklin who has also been a recurring contributor to the Lana Lane sound. As for the keyboards, I generally took a supporting role on Garden of the Moon, although there are two rather nice synth solos on "Destination Roswell" and "Evolution Revolution". You will hear the keyboards a bit more up front on the delightfully epic long version of "Frankenstein Unbound" which leads off Disc Two.

We all know that Lana is a great singer. But Lana's vocals on Garden of the Moon display an uncontrived confidence that perhaps sets them apart from the two previous albums. There is a sincere passion on this album that really comes through. From the most intimate whispers of "Dream of the Dragonfly" and "Under the Olive Tree" all the way to the bone crushing wails of "Evolution Revolution" and "Destination Roswell", we can clearly hear her development into a world-class artist on this album.

Garden of the Moon exceeded all of our wildest expectations, selling literally ten times the number of the two previous releases. In the aftermath of this title, Lana released a follow-up EP called Echoes from the Garden. This 33-minute EP contained outtakes and alternate mixes from the Garden of the Moon sessions along with two remixes of songs from her Love is an Illusion debut album. The Echoes tradition carried on after the next studio release, 1999's Queen of the Ocean, with the follow-up EP titled, appropriately enough, Echoes from the Ocean. One new song from Echoes from the Ocean,"Rhapsody", was already released in Europe and the Americas as the bonus track to Lana's 2000 epic, Secrets of Astrology. The Love is an Illusion songs from the two Echoes EPs have recently been released in Europe and the Americas as part of the double CD, Love is an Illusion - Special Edition. The rest of the tracks from Echoes from the Garden and Echoes from the Ocean are included here on the second disc of this Garden of the Moon - Special Edition along with a very rare (and somewhat odd) live version of the Lana Lane classic song, "Symphony of Angels", recorded live in 1997 with Rocket Scientists at a festival in Germany.

Erik Norlander
Memphis, August, 2001


The original version of GARDEN OF THE MOON was released in Japan on the Avalon label in January of 1998 and then in Europe on Angular Records in August of 1998. The Japanese version had a shorter (edited) version of the song "Evolution Revolution" along with a bonus track of "Symphony of Angels" performed live with Rocket Scientists in 1997. The European version had the full-length version (or "Long Version") of "Evolution Revolution" but no bonus track.

Following the release of GARDEN OF THE MOON, the Japanese Avalon label released a six song EP entitled ECHOES FROM THE GARDEN to coincide with Lana's first tour of Japan in April of 1998. This 33-minute EP contained two new recordings, "Leaving Stardust" and "This Is Not America", along with remixes of three previous Lana Lane tracks, "Seasons" (from GARDEN OF THE MOON), "Cold Outside" and "Coloured Life" (from LOVE IS AN ILLUSION). The ECHOES FROM THE GARDEN EP also contained the "Long Version" (full-length version) of "Evolution Revolution".

A year later, following the release of QUEEN OF THE OCEAN (Lana's fourth studio album), the Avalon label released a second six song EP entitled ECHOES FROM THE OCEAN to coincide with Lana's 1999 tour of Japan. Like the previous EP, ECHOES FROM THE OCEAN contained some alternate versions of songs from it's studio album predecessor (in this case, QUEEN OF THE OCEAN). Most notable is the "Long Version" of "Frankenstein Unbound". Rather than the album version being a shortened edit, as in the case of "Evolution Revolution", the "Frankenstein Unbound Long Version" is actually an extended edit where the rhythm section tracks from the solo parts as well as the last verse were copied to make beds for new solos and one additional (fourth) verse. So this Long Version was pieced together much like Frankenstein's monster himself! A long, atmospheric introduction was also added. This rather epic version of "Frankenstein Unbound" was remixed in late 2001 for this Special Edition release to maximize the audio quality. ECHOES FROM THE OCEAN also contained a special remix of the Lana Lane classic, "Escher's Staircase", from the CURIOUS GOODS album.

This GARDEN OF THE MOON SPECIAL EDITION contains seven songs from the ECHOES EPs: "Leaving Stardust", "This Is Not America", "Seasons" (Echoes Version), "Evolution Revolution" (Japanese edited version), "Frankenstein Unbound" (Long Version, remixed for this release), "Without You" (Early Version) and "Escher's Staircase" (1999 Remix).

There are some songs from the ECHOES EPs that do not appear on the GARDEN OF THE MOON SPECIAL EDITION. The omitted tracks are "Cold Outside" (Woodcliff Remix), "Coloured Life" (Woodcliff Remix), "Through the Fire" (Original 1995 Version), and "Rhapsody". The reason for this omission is because the first three tracks appear on the LOVE IS AN ILLUSION SPECIAL EDITION and the last track, "Rhapsody", appears as the bonus track to the European version of SECRETS OF ASTROLOGY which is also distributed in the Americas.

Erik Norlander
Los Angeles, May 2002 (written for the web)



DISC ONE: Garden of the Moon

1. River of the Stars [2:40]
2. Destination Roswell [6:39]
3. Seasons [5:45]
4. Moongarden [6:05]
5. Evolution Revolution [8:16]
6. Under the Olive Tree [6:29]
7. Eternal Waters [5:57]
8. Dream of the Dragonfly [7:30]
9. Garden of the Moon [2:46]


DISC TWO: Echoes & Bonus Tracks

1. Frankenstein Unbound [8:37] Special 2001 Remixed Long Version - previously unreleased
2. Escher's Staircase [6:09] 1999 Remix - from the 1999 Japanese EP 'Echoes from the Ocean'
3. Seasons [6:08] Echoes Version - from the 1998 Japanese EP 'Echoes from the Garden'
4. Leaving Stardust [4:32] New track - from the 1998 Japanese EP 'Echoes from the Garden'
5. This Is Not America [5:13] New track - from the 1998 Japanese EP 'Echoes from the Garden'
6. Without You [7:47] Early Version - from the Japanese 1999 EP 'Echoes from the Ocean'
7. Let Heaven In [6:36] Early Version - previously unreleased
8. Evolution Revolution [7:41] Short Version - from the 1998 Japanese release of 'Garden of the Moon'
9. Reverie [6:36] 1999 Remix - previously unreleased
10. Symphony of Angels [6:05] Live with Rocket Scientists in 1997 - bonus track to the 1998 Japanese release of 'Garden of the Moon'


LANA LANE: Lead and harmony vocals
ERIK NORLANDER: Hammond organ, Mellotron, piano, Rhodes piano, synthesizers, sfx, harmony vocals


NEIL CITRON: Lead and rhythm guitars
DANELLE KERN: Rhythm guitars
MARK McCRITE: Acoustic guitars, additional rhythm & lead guitars, harmony vocals
DON SCHIFF: Chapman Stick, N/S Stick
TONY FRANKLIN: Fretless and fretted bass


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