Neil Citron - Guitar Dreams


This was a surprise, it actually is British blues rock n' roll music. Lana Lane's guitar player, Neil Citron's solo album that was produced with Lana Lane band members, Erik Norlander (keyboards) and Tony Franklin (bass) along with Walter Garces (drums, ex-Brand X) was completed as an intense all-guitar instrumental album. Neil continuously plays powerful and emotional phrases and Erik plays sorrowfully along with the songs that are structured with brawny riffs. This album also can be viewed as a technical guitar instrumental album, but I cannot help to be moved by the fact that his guitar phrases remind me of Jeff Beck and Gary Moore. I was certainly unaware of how talented he was. Be aware. #11 is a bonus track for the Japanese release.
[Yajima, Burrn Magazine --translated from Japanese by Toni Rampley]

"Neil has produced a wonderful piece that ... is carefully constructed with a variety of very emotional high quality songs. Along with bass player Tony Franklin, Neil proficiently plays a guitar in his own world, just as a fish finding water. His emotional and thrilling style, and sophisticated talent will be sure to keep your attention throughout this album."
[Hiroshi Kaneko, Euro Rock Press Volume One -- translated from Japanese by Toni Rampley]

"This album is thirteen tracks of unrelenting guitar instrumental music that highlights a real talent. That talent is recognised by Citron's longtime friend and fellow axe hero Steve Vai. The ultimate American guitar maestro even takes time out to write some extremely complimentary things in the sleeve notes. And why not ... Citron is that good. The music is extremely positive and generally power clad with sonic support from Rocket Scientists' Erik Norlander and Don Schiff, Tony Franklin on bass, Walter Garces on drums and percussion from Greg Ellis and son of Ry, Joachim Cooder. Virtuoso rock that creates its own electricity and when the electric isn't a necessity Citron can case down to a touch of acousticity."
[Martin Hudson, Wondrous Stories, January 1999, UK]

"As the title eludes, we have here a guitar god in the genre of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Vai writes in the liner notes lovely words about Citron and he is correct. The man plays fantastic guitar ... and it's varied and daring. Sometimes with riffs, but most often with sharp solos. Interesting is also the band that accompanies him. Tony Franklin (fretless bass), Walter Garces (bass), and Erik Norlander (keyboards --"Lana Lane" and "Rocket Scientists"). Percussion is played by Joachim Cooder, son from Ry." [iO Pages, Holland, February 1999]

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