Neil Citron Guitar Dreams
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Virtuoso LA rock guitarist Neil Citron, known best for his work with symphonic rock vocalist, Lana Lane, announces the release of his fireworks instrumental solo album, Guitar Dreams.

The culmination of a self - produced three year effort, Citron delivers a powerful showcase of guitar acrobatics and pyrotechnics mixed with his familiar melodic sensibilities that keeps his music with the listener long after the songs have stopped. Citron's fluid yet commanding guitar style weaves through heavy rock arrangements with memorable phrasing and intrepid tonalities.

The liner notes for Guitar Dreams were written by Citron's longtime friend, legendary guitar hero Steve Vai. Vai says of Citron:

"Neil is dedicated to anything he applies himself to and gets great results. His guitar playing cuts right to the heart. It's balanced with perfect percentages of technique, tone and wisdom, like a Samurai Warrior. Few can wield the guitar like a sword and bring justice to the realm of instrumental rock. He's way beyond Black Belt."

Vai's reference to the Black Belt points to the fact that Citron is an accomplished martial arts master. Dedicated to health and fitness, Citron exudes an extremely positive energy that is contagious to all around him. Like Steve Vai, Citron is also a vegetarian and puts much effort into a sound mind and body.

Joining Citron on Guitar Dreams is veteran rock bassist Tony Franklin, who is known for his work with The Firm, Blue Murder and Lana Lane. Franklin's fretless bass stylings are legendary in the rock world, and this album is no exception. Aggressive melodic lines and undulating heavy grooves with drummer Walter Garces tug and pull at Citron's arrangements, drawing in the listener and keeping the energy high.

Keyboardist Erik Norlander (Lana Lane, Rocket Scientists) contributes growling Hammond organ and lush synthesizer tracks to Guitar Dreams, painting a vast and spacious sonic landscape behind the bold lead work of Citron's guitar. Guest appearances by Don Schiff (Lana Lane, Rocket Scientists, Erik Norlander) on Chapman Stick, Greg Ellis (Shark Island, Vas, Erik Norlander) on percussion and Joachim Cooder (son of famous guitar bluesman Ry Cooder) on percussion bring additional dimension to the album.

In addition to Guitar Dreams, Citron recently played guitar in the Tom Hanks movie, "That Thing You Do" about a 1960's Beatlesque rock band.

Citron lists his influences as Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, The Beatles and Aerosmith, and his favorite musicians as Jeff Beck, Jan Hammer, Tony Williams, Ian Anderson and Frank Zappa.

Citron plays guitars by Ibanez and Fernandes, and he uses Morley Pedals, DiMarzio Pickups and uses Dean Markley Strings to get his unique, signature tone that is both aggressive and liquid at the same time.

With its rich, textural audio colors and impressive lineup of stellar musicians, Neil Citron presents an instrumental rock experience to remember in Guitar Dreams.

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